400 Beauty Business Name Ideas & Availability Checker

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400 Beauty Business Name Ideas And Instant Availability Checker

Get inspired by these beauty products and cosmetics business name ideas. We’re making starting a beauty business a little easier on you by starting you off with a list of X beauty business name ideas. As you scan our list, you can also use our FREE naming generator and availability checker.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which regulates cosmetics among many other consumables, classifies cosmetics as products “intended to be applied to the human body for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance without affecting the body’s structure or functions”. This definition by the US FDA encompasses any material intended for use as an ingredient of a cosmetic product.

In the last few years, the beauty industry all over the world has seen enormous progress and a steadily climbing interest in entrepreneurship. Countless new brands have been created and an endless list of new ingredients have been developed. With the right brand (which is born from the right business name), your own beauty products or cosmetics business should grow along with the dynamic industry.

make up on beautiful women

Check if these Essential Oils business names are available.

A Beautiful Mind Adoré A Beautiful Life
Art of Beauty Aesthetica Natura Adorable You
Art of Beauty Artisan Beauty Allure
Beauty Abundance Asian Skin Care Angel’s Touch
Beauty Bar Authentic Aura Beauteous Babe
Beauty Barn Bare Essentials Beauty Artists
Beauty Basics Beautiful Creatures Beauty Avenue
Beauty Blush Beautiful Days Bedazzle
Beauty Creations Beautiful Life Belle Femme
Beauty Essentials Beauty Bowls Bewitched
Beauty Formulas Beauty Compound Blushing Bride Makeup
Beauty Minerals Beauty Experts Born Free
Beauty Studio Beauty Health Captivating You
Blink Beauty Beauty Secrets Classy Lady
Body Beautiful Beauty Winks Contour Creations
Bold Strokes Beholder’s Eyes Cosmetics Cove
Brush Strokes Bella Signora CutiePie Cosmetics
Cinematic Makeup Belle Fille Delicate Days
Cleansing Touch Bellissima Delightful Touches
Color Cove Cosmetics Best Beauty Demure Tastes
Contour Classics Blush n’ Beauty Desire to be Different
Cosmetics Central Charming Contrasts Divine Destiny
Cosmetics Plus Classic Contours Enthrall
Crazy Beautiful Cosmetics Carnival Envy
Crimson Cheeks Cosmetics Collective Fair Maiden
Earth Colors Crazy Pretty Fascinata
Exoert Makeover Crazy Sexy Fine Mists
Fine Physique Food for the Skin Gorgeous Gal
Forever Young Funky Beauty Graceful Glow
Fresh Face Beauty Girl Power Hold Me Cosmetics
Glamour Garden Goddess Essentials Independent Woman
Glass Skin Dreams Hermosa Dama Inner Beauty
Heavenly Handled Kissable Lips Louvelle
Inspired Beauty La  Diosa Love Spell
Lashes and Curls La Déesse Lush Creations
Magic Spell La Hermosa Lush Excellence
Mirror Mirror on the Wall Lady Boss Makeover Central
Opulent Touch Magic Dust Beauty Powders Miss Foxy
Pink Blush Cosmetics Makeover Studio Passion Place
Pink Palette Moisturizers Plus Pink Cheeks
Silken Skin Natural Beauty Pretty Awesome
Skin Essentials Co. Perfect Brows Purple Palettes
Smooth Escape Cosmetics Pretty Delights Secret Admirer
Soft Touch Beauty Essentials Pulchra Puella Sheer Elegance
Stardust Beauty Sex Appeal Smoky Eyes
Subtle Art Beauty Products Subtle Grace Spectacular Skin
The Beauty Collection Supple Grace Style Bible
The Makeover Lounge Supple Lips The Charmed Life
Timeless Beauty Sweet Passions Tout Naturel
Young and Free Wild Eyes Young Lips

Check if these Essential Oils business names are available.

Admire Me Beauty Hut Aglow
Angelic Dreams Beauty Queen Beauteous Soul
Beauty Authority Beauty Regimens Beauty Balms
Beauty Fair Body Temp Beauty Salves
Beauty Putty Captivate Beauty Spa
Bewitching Belle Centerstage Becoming You
Calypso Love Charming Glow Belles of the Ball
Clever Concepts Stage Makeup Cherry Lips Bewitched State
Colorful Ideals Color Capsules Body Scultpure
Dare to be Different Contoured Fantasies Breathtaking Beauty
Dazzling Diva Dainty Dusts Brilliance
Eleganza Delighted Shades Bronze Beauty
Everything Nice Enticing Looks Celestial Beings
Femina Pulchra Fairy Cosmetics Charmis
Flawless Radiance Fiery Femme Cleansing Solutions
Grandeur Finesse Fixations Color Temptations
Handsome Heroes Men’s Skincare Flamboyant Females Comfort Care
Heatwaves Glamorous Gals Dreamy Accents
Infatuation Glimmerrific Beauty En Vogue
La Dea Goddess Gifts Exotic Shades
Lovely Luxury Joy to Behold Exquisite Blush
Magnetic Charms Kindly Kristine Feminine Flair
Magnificence Luscious Glow Fine Looks
Mara Sabiña Mesmerize Fireworks
Marvelous Makeup Pastel Palettes Flair Maiden
Mirror Magic Porcelain Skin Flawless Skin
More Than Just Style Pure Elegance Foundation Fountain
On Fleek Rapunzel’s Rose Gilded Glow
Passion Point Sensuous Salves Glamour Goddess
Perfectly Executed Skin Temptations Heveanly Body
Pouty Lips Sleepcare for the Skin High Lights
Pretty Please Slender Soles Inspired Tastes
Radiant Glow Splash of Color Jars of Awesome
Ravishing Beauty Statuesque Legs Juicy Lipliners
Refined Tastes Striptease Katerina’s Kloset
Scorching Hot Stunning Stranger Luscious Lips
Seventh Heaven Stylish Instance Makeup Freedom
Shapely Bodies Superb Women Moon Child
Splendidly Special Svelte Sisters Opposites Attract
Stunning Curls Haircare Symmetrical Styles Perfect Lashes
Style Central Tantalizing Thoughts Resplendence
Stylish Sets The Charm Class Rosie’s Cheeks
Sublimely Sheer The Powder Room Smooth n’ Supple
Subtle Invitation Venus’ Cave Sonata Dreams
Superb Shades Voluptuous Valley Sparkling Eyes
Sweet Smacks Watch Me Glow Stunningly Soft
Tantalizing Eyes Winning Smile Sultry Siren
The Makeup Kit Wishing Star Symmetry
Theater Glow Wonderlust Too Close
Youthful Dreams YourName’s Desires Winter’s Charms

Check if these Essential Oils business names are available.

Absolutely Adorable Bronze Emotions
Autumn Colors Amorous Encounters
Beauty Butter Fall Collection
Bright Eyes Spring Catalog
Chase the Moon Tips n’ Toes
Color Parade The Love Train
Comfort Zone Terrific Talcs
Confident Woman Brushed Up
Contoured Classics Straight Stories
Cosmetic Collection Too Cute
Covet Wiggly Wigsy
Create-a-Glow Jack & Jill’s
Crimson Berries Style Guru
Cupid’s Corner Sandalwood Toes
Dare to Bare Pristinely Yours
Day After Day Positive Vibe
Dazzling Damsels Color Particle
Debutante Headturner
Doll Face Wink Wink
Exquisite Shadows Burning Passion
Flawlessly Fine Flames of Desire
Glass Slippers Ember Stone
Glossy Lips Sheer Ecstasy
Good & True Makeup Class
Gypsy Touch Limpid Pools
Hair Care Hub Starshine Project
Hot Chick Moonlit Nights
Lensirrific Celebrity Looks
Loud and Proud Like a Star
Love Solutions Star Quality
Lush Elements Fine Wine
Magnetic Eyelashes Classic Eternal
Makeup on the Go Hold My Hand
Mascara Magic Soft to Touch
Mi Amore Silky Smooth
My Beauty Business Silken Feels
Night and Day Creams Hardly There
Paper Dolls Concealer Magic
Pure Radiance Healthy Beauty
Quirky Senses Healthy Glow
Spotlight Pinkish Glow
Spring Spritzers Hypoallergenic Solutions
Street Art Vegan Village
The Beauty Way BeautyVille
The Parable of Beauty High Heels
Too Cute Body and Sole
Top to Toe Beautiful Soles
Winter Solstice Vital Beauty
Wonderland Vitale
Your Heart’s Desires Pamper You

Check if these Essential Oils business names are available.

How to Name Your Beauty and Cosmetics Business

girl-blue eyeshadow

When trying to name your start-up, it may be a little tricky to determine exactly where to start. Experts believe that the first step in creating a great brand name is zero-ing in on the underlying tone of your brand. In other words, you want to position your brand just right – aligning it with your audience as well as your business plan. Below are a few things you can keep in mind as you try to short-list awesome name ideas for your beauty products or cosmetics business.

Pragmatic Names. A business name that is rooted on practicality, especially those that are straightforward and descriptive, are very popular. It is believed that sensible and realistic names that are directly speaking about what you have to offer help reduce marketing costs by explaining your value right in the name. Examples of pragmatic names are Beauty Balms and Magnetic Lashes.

Clever Names. Dare to be fun and playful with your branding. Fun names can be playful (Rosie’s Cheeks), sound cute (Wiggly Wigsy), unexpected (Chase the Moon), or leverage on childlike imagery (Jack & Jill’s).

Classic Names. You can hardly go wrong with a classic name – they are timeless, elegant, and preeminent. A lot have done it, and maybe you could, too. Go with single-word names like Grandeur, Covet, or Brilliance.

Modern Names. Hip, dare-to-standout names are always fresh and interesting. Uniquely modern names (think: Hulu, Shopify, Zara) drive interest and even excitement. Go modern with your beauty or cosmetics business by naming it something like Hot Chick, Gypsy Touch, or Lensirrific.

Emotional Names. A great branding strategy is to lead with emotion. Emotions are a powerful way to rapidly connect with your target market. Strong emotions may likewise help with brand recall and staying top-of-mind among your market. Sheer Ecstasy or Ember Stone may remind of or evoke emotions.

Owning a small-scale beauty or cosmetics business makes it easier to target specific niches (market subset), compared to larger companies that typically veer away from specialty cosmetics due to profit margin concerns. For instance, your beauty business may be focused primarily on the niche market of sensitive-skinned users or allergy sufferers. This kind of focus helps you build a brand that members of this niche will recall whenever they need more cosmetic products or want to refer people who experience similar issues. If your beauty business is targeted to a specific niche market, this can go into the name you choose. Vegan Valley, perhaps?

Finally, being able to deliver personalized customer service is one key advantage of owning a small beauty products or cosmetics business. You may offer tutorials on how to use your products and help customers choose the best ones most suited to their skin tone and type. You may name your beauty business accordingly, calling it something like Makeup Class.

Checking for Availability of your Beauty and Cosmetics Business’ Name

At this point in the evolution of your start-up, it would be great to have at least three (3) exceptional beauty business name ideas on your list. It’s better to have more, in case any of your preferred names have already been taken or registered by another entity. Do a quick business name search online to find out if your name is available within your state or country. You may also want to do a quick search if the business name you want is also still available for trademark and domain name registrations.

Our FREE Naming Generator tool is the first place you can go to find out about the availability of your beauty business name as an internet domain name. It will allow you to quickly search the availability of your preferred domain name. If the beauty business name you want is available for registration, our free tool will easily assist you in securing that domain at the best possible price from some of the leading providers in the industry. If in case your domain name idea is no longer available to register, using your own ideas and other keywords, our tool will offer free domain name suggestions. What’s more, our tool will link you to great leads for domain registrars and web hosting providers, too.

Business Name Key Words: Beauty and Cosmetics

Here is a quick list of words or names that quickly come to mind when thinking about a business in beauty products and/or cosmetics.

beauty related business words list for brainstorming

You can plug these keywords into our FREE Naming Generator. Because aside from it allowing you a quick search of domain names available for registration, plugging in keywords such as these will allow the tool to do the work of coming up with beauty and cosmetics business name suggestions or alternatives.

When you have a shortlist of around 3 or 5 great ideas for a beauty products business name, you can begin to survey potential customers or industry players for feedback (ideally, your target market). Ask questions like- What first comes to mind when you hear this business name? How would you spell it? Would you remember it easily? With this kind of feedback, you can earn a preview of how relevant the business name you want is, if at all. Also, if the name represents your beauty products business as should be the goal. Let us help you along on these exciting beauty products or cosmetics journey of yours with our FREE Naming Generator Tool. Together, the perfect business name for your beauty business is just at arm’s reach.

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