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200 Lawn Care Business Name Ideas

If you’re one of the steadily-growing numbers of people who’ve decided to jump into the lawn care business, you are likely looking for genius lawn care business names. You’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ll tell you about: what makes for a good lawn care business name, how to name your lawn care business, a list of 200 lawn care business name suggestions, and our FREE business name availability checker and generator tool.

According to a known entrepreneurial site, lawn care and landscaping business owners could potentially earn anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000 during their first year. This can go up to as much as $160,000 to $250,000 once the business has been consistently up and running for a few years. Note that lawn care or landscaping businesses are charging anywhere from $20 to $85 per lawn cut (all dependent on factors like size, slope, and others).

Flexibility is one of the top reasons why many people wish to start their own business. A lawn care or landscaping business has so much potential and can evolve into something much bigger. Aside from the flexibility offered by having your own business, lawn care tends to be stable and accommodate repeat business. Lawn care or landscaping accounts are perpetual – meaning, clients are typically ongoing and consistent. Your customer base will need their lawns mowed regularly, periodically – making for a stable flow of business.

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Let us get the ball rolling for you with our own list of 200 Lawn Care business name ideas. If you like any of these lawn care or landscape business names below, do feel free to use them. Just make sure to check if the domain and social media profile names are available using our free availability checker

200 Potential Lawn Care Business Names

Feel free to use any of the business names below, but make sure to plug it into our domain and social availability checker to ensure it’s still up for grabs.

Acreage Crew Absolutely Lawns
American Landscapers Arboretum Doctors
Backyard Bliss Autumn Brush
Best Yards Supply Courtyard Cops
Botanical Bliss Cutting Edge Lawn Services
County Lawn Care EZ Lawn
Courtyard Heroes Forest Feels
Expert Lawns Golden Grass
Fall Doctors Golden Grounds
Fields of Gold Grass Genie
Garden Savers Grass Masters
Garden Spa Grassland Chores
Genius Lawns Green Magnet
Grass Cutters Plus Home on the Range
Grass Pilots Il Tuo Giardino
Green Acres Landscape Artistry
Green Garden Landscape Creators
Green Green Grass Landscape World
Green Love Lawn Movers
Homestead Helpers Lawn Rehab
Landscape Limited Lawn World
Lawn Creators Le Beau Jardin
Lawn Doctors Manicured Gardens
Lawn Imagination Meadow Feels
Lawn Jockeys Modern Landscapes
Lawn Love Mom n’ Pop Lawn Care
Lawn Maintainers One Stop Landscapers
Lawn Revivers Outback Turf
Lawn Time Parkland Landscapers
Lawn Trimmers Co. Patches of Pasture
Lawns Unlimited Patio Kings
Lush Greens Patio Place
Manor Point Picturesque Plaza
Meadow Medics Pleasure Lawn
Morning Dew Prima Donna Garden Care
New Leaf Promenade Lawn Care
North American Landscape Saturday Lawns
Orchard Orchestra Scenery Specialists
Parker Bros. Southern Landscapers
Patio Police Stable Shelters
Plot Experts Su Jardin
Scenic Specialists The 10-Minute Lawn
Solid Ground The Greenery
Spring Gardens The Lawn Shop
Trim Your Terrace Ton Jardin
Trimmers Club Turf Masters
Yard Masters Village Green
Yard Movers Woodland Heights
Yard World Yard Smart
YourName & Sons Landscaping Your Landscape Friends
Absolute Landscapes  



Sequoia Grove
Art Site Jardin de Fleurs
Autumn Leaves Alpine Gardens
Backyardeners Woodland Park
Beautiful Dahlias East Coast Landscapers
Botany Grounds West Coast Landscapers
Cedar Crest Art Lawns
Courtyard Classics Famous Foliage
El Hermoso Jardin Petunia Planters
Fantastic Follies Royal Gazebos
Fern Friends Magnificent Marbles
Floral Festival Manicured Lawns
Friendly Foliage Planters and Co.
Garden Gallery Sunken Gardens
Garden Plaza Hanging Gardens
Giardino Floreale The Floriculturist
Grove Guys Floral Fantasies
Herb’s Gardens Florists Et. Al.
Horticulture Habits Acme Lawn Care
Hortum Tuum Garden Partners
Hydrangea Care Back to the Roots
Jardin de Flores Potscapers
Landscape Ornaments Landscape Architecture
Marble Mountains Green Thumb
Nature Love Growth Geniuses
North American Landscapes Gypsy Gardens
Oak Minders Gnome Gardens
Orchard Springs Plant Kingdom
Outdoor Specialists Succulent Lilacs
Patio Prince The Shruberry
Pavilion Landscaping Bonsai World
People’s Gardeners Ellis Trellis
Pergola Pros Greenhouse Gallery
Plant Love Artful Foliage
Plant Nursery Wisteria Lane
Pockets of Nature Sun Room Specialists
Rock Garden Pros Concervatory Central
Rockery Roll Outdoor Locations
Rose Garden Park Bench Landscaping
Sea of Azaleas Floral Leaf Lawns
Spring Specialists Rain Gardens
Terrace Grove Watering can
The Great Grass Tenders Organic Matters
The Rosebush Rush Picturesque Lawns
The Topiarists Everyday Ecosystem
Tree Park Square Wilderness Wonders
Vegetation Planners Picture Perfect Backdrops
Wildflower Designs Countryside Landscaping
Woodland Creatures Scenic Backdrops
Ye Old Oak Wooded Coast

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How to Name Your Lawn Care Business

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The right business name can make all the difference when it comes to positioning a business for success, rather than just plodding on. Get the name right, and, more than just a label, you get a BRAND and all the perks that come with it.

Pick a name that sounds good when said out loud. Alliteration and rhythm have always been a top factor when choosing a business name. Business names that roll off the tongue easily are quickly recalled and are highly brand-able. As examples, you could name your lawn care business: Orchard Orchestra or Patio Police. Just make sure to say it aloud repeatedly. Make sure this rhythmic name of yours will not quickly turn into a tongue twister situation. Remember: people will say the name on the radio, a video or in conversation.

Pick a name that is meaningful and talks about a benefit. In other words, Ii you hear it, you know right away what it’s all about. Take Lawn Doctors as an example. The word “Doctors” instantly implies that the business is about healing what could be a damaged (or “sick”) lawn, whether in part or in whole.

Steer clear of acronyms. Unless you are IBM or 3M, acronyms or initials are blah. These two mammoths in their respective industries are multibillion-dollar corporations that have been around for decades. Acronym-ing your lawn care business might work when you’ve been around for years that everybody knows you, or have brought in billions of dollars to the industry that everybody would’ve heard of you. Until then, rely on a name that is interesting and catchy.

Be specific. Maybe do a lawn care business name that takes advantage of details such as numbers and days. The 10-Minute Lawn is pretty specific in saying that you can do a basic lawn care procedure quickly and efficiently. Saturday Lawns can work at subliminally suggesting to your clients to be regular with contracting your services, not to mention they can think about you taking care of their lawns one day in every week. Avoid generic names that don’t mean anything.

Consider Your Market. When conceptualizing your start-up, this is one of the most important questions to ask yourself: what areas are you going to offer services in? Naming your lawn care business according to the market you would like to reach is one another way of helping your lawn care business succeed. Mom n’ Pop Lawn Care has a down-home ring to it and may appeal to households with senior-aged heads of the family. Who better to trust than those who are like them, who are likely parents, and consider everyone like family?

Keep It simple and easy to recall. Simple and memorable names will help you get you more traffic than a lengthy and complicated name. So make your lawn care names simple. One way to do so is to keep it short. Short names are easy to remember and pronounce. Think Lawn Love.

Checking for Availability of your Lawn Care Business’ Name

It’s good sense to come up with a list of at least three (3) great lawn care business name ideas. More is better, actually – in case any of your preferred names have already been taken or registered by a separate entity. You can do a quick business name search online to find out if your name is available within your area. It pays, too, to search if the business name you want is also still available for trademark and domain name registrations. Best to stay prepared.

Lucky for you, you can now easily find out about the availability of your lawn care business name as an internet domain name with our FREE Naming Generator. This tool allows you to quickly search the availability of your preferred business name as a domain name. If the lawn care business name you want is available for registration, our tool will easily assist you in securing that domain at the best possible price from our partners – who are some of the leading providers in the industry. In case your domain name idea is no longer available to register, our naming generator tool will drum up free domain name suggestions, using your own ideas and other lawn care keywords you plugin. What’s more, our tool will link you to great leads for domain registrars and web hosting providers, too.

business name generator and availability checker


Business Name Key Words: Lawn Care

Earlier, we touched a little bit on incorporating “benefit” or “value-add” words into your lawn care business name. These kinds of words are truly useful, alongside other industry-related keywords. Because with these, our FREE Naming Generator tool can offer you loads of help. Aside from our tool allowing you a quick search of domain names that are available for registration, you can easily plug in your own business name ideas and keywords and the tool will do the work of coming up with lawn care business name suggestions or alternatives. Below is a list of lawn care-related keywords you can plug into the free Naming Generator for truly interesting lawn care business name ideas.

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Plug these into our FREE Naming Generator Tool

The great thing about a lawn care or landscape business is its scalability. You can start by offering just one service (mowing lawns, perhaps) and gradually build out to other services like landscaping, rehabilitation or remodeling, new sod installation, gardening, tree trimming, weeding, etc. The almost endless list of options will allow you to scale up as customer demands remain dynamic.

Before naming your lawn care business, it is important that you look at the services you offer (or will eventually want to offer). Because once all this is clear to you, it will help in turning your business name into a brand.

Ask yourself: What is my business’s purpose? How can I make it easy for customers to find us and contract our services? How does my business name reflect or represent my business?

And as you answer these questions for yourself, keep jotting down inspired business name ideas and keywords and let our FREE Naming Generator tool help you the rest of the way.



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