How to Choose A (Great) Domain Name For Cheap?

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If you are looking to start a new website, you might be curious as to how you can find and secure a great domain in the least expensive way possible. In this complete guide, we will show you how you can the perfect domain name for cheap or in some instances even FREE!

How do you get a domain name for Cheap? The cheapest way to get a domain name is to use a reputable hosting company that includes the Domain name for FREE when you purchase hosting through them. However, if you don’t want web hosting and are only looking to register a “great” new domain, here is the simple process:

  1. Keys to a “Great” Cheap Domain
  2. Use a FREE Name Generator Tool
  3. Shop the Best Reputable Domain Registrars
  4. Use Time To Your Advantage
  5. Understand What Your Buying

In the rest of the article, I will break down these for steps in more detail, as well as show you how you can get your domain for FREE. I’ll also show you some of the awesome additional bonuses you will get when securing it through the “right” hosting company?

Keys to a “Great” Cheap Domain Name

 In this section, I want to lay out some of the main principles to consider when looking for and trying to choose a great domain name. If you already understand the principles of a great domain, please skip to step number 2.

Make It Memorable

With any new business or website, you are trying to establish a company brand and build awareness as quickly as possible. Your Domain name is crucial towards your online presence. But, you probably already know that. So, use that same common sense when choosing a domain name.

Think about your end-user, your potential customers, will they be able to easily remember your domain name?  The easier it is to remember, the easier it will be for them to return to your website in the future. Also, the easier it will be for them to spread the word for you through word of mouth. This is free advertising, the strongest kind by the way, and it leads to free traffic and sales.  So, make your domain name as memorable as possible when choosing it.

Make it Short

The shorter your domain is the better. There is a reason single-word domain are all taken, and often sell for crazy sums of money.  That’s not to say some random meaningless single-word domain is the best choice for your business, it has to make sense for your brand.  But, remember the shorter the better. It’s less for people to remember and type in.  I like to think about it another way to really hit the lesson home.

“For every extra character in a domain, that’s another chance for a basic typo or human error when trying to find your business. So, the fewer characters, the better chance your customers can find you easier.”

That might be a little simplistic but hopefully, it hit the point home.


 You should think of your domain as a big part of your company’s brand.  The more brandable your domain is the bigger the opportunity for growth in the long run.  With that said, consider your desired brand before you choose a domain. Make sure the word or words you choose exemplify the company image you are trying to create.

TLD vs Vanity Extensions

Luckily there are plenty of new domain extensions popping up every day. Some can be great options depending on the type of business you. For example, we have an article on how to pick the best domain for your photography website, and in it, we specifically go over some domain extensions that could be perfect for a photography business. So, there is definitely a place for all types of domain extensions.  But, in general, if you can stick to TLDs, you will be better off.

So, the “oldies are definitely goodies” when it comes to domains. With, .com being the best option when it’s available.

Avoid Hyphens

It can be tempting to find the perfect word combination if you’re willing to simply stick a little hyphen in there somewhere.  And, you might be thinking, what’s the big deal…Since when did a hyphen ever hurt anyone.

But trust me, don’t do it.  It doesn’t engender trust in your user or potential customer. People will most likely forget the hyphen and visit your competitor’s website.

A hyphen tends to look spammy and it’s overall not a great first impression.

Avoid Words With Double Spellings

This goes without saying, but at first, you may think well why does that matter. Most of my customers are going to be clicking direct links from my social media or ad campaigns.

But, as time goes on advertising gets more and more expensive.  So, you want to convert those paid clicks to return visitors or word of mouth visitors. Don’t get in your own way by choosing words that have multiple spellings.  It will only hurt your long-term growth.

Be Careful About Trademarks

It might be tempting to try and create a site that piggy-backs on a well-known brand by picking a domain with the name in it. But if you get big enough, or sometimes even early on, depending on how strongly a brand works to protect its trademarks. You could be hit with legal action.  And, trust me the more valuable the brand, the better they will be about protecting it. I once got a cease and desist on a website for something really wasn’t even intended trademark infringement.  But, in the end, I had to rebrand and get a new domain.  So, be careful!

Avoid Auctions to Save Money- (Specifically For Cheap Domains)

 So, this is one that is specific to finding the perfect domain as cheap as possible.  A lot of times you can find a domain on auction or what is sometimes referred to as Premium domains.  These are domains that are already registered and owned by someone else.

This is not the right way to find a domain if you are looking to be cost-conscious.  Since these domains are basically up for sale to the highest bidder, you can imagine the prices tend to be way higher than just finding a good domain that’s currently available.  So, if you are looking to find a cheap domain you will want to avoid buying domains through the secondary market. That includes domain auctions.

Use a Domain Name Generation Tool

Naming Generator Domain Search Image

Now that you know what fundamentally makes a good domain name. Let’s get into the best way to find these names.

Hands down the fastest way to find a quality domain are using a domain name generator.  There are many options when it comes to naming generators but they aren’t all created equal.  As you might have guessed, we are biased to our FREE name generating tool, but we have a good reason.

Here are the reasons you should use to find your next great domain for cheap:

Blazing Speed- We’ve built our name generator to be crazy fast, and save you hours of manual hunting for domains the old-fashioned way.

Instantly Find Available Domains Listed by Category – We know that everyone is looking for something a little different out of their domain name. So, we make it easy to find the perfect one, buy generating a huge list of domain options across different categories, from TLD, SEO, Country specific, and much more.

Find Corresponding Social Profiles: We take it a step further and allow you to find corresponding social media profiles of any domain you are interested in, so you can rest assured that your domain name is the best choice for your new website.

FREE TO USE: We offer all this great value completely FREE. So, there really isn’t any reason to not use us.

SAVE Money Through Our Partner Offers: Once you find a great available domain, we make it super easy to grab it before anyone else does.  We offer multiple discounted offers from the top registrars and hosting companies on the planet. So, you can instantly take control of your domain before someone else does.

Get The Domain FREE:  We even make it possible to get the domain free by choosing one of our hosting partners that will throw it in at no charge!

CRAZY FREE BONUSES: If all that wasn’t enough, we wanted to make it almost impossible for you to not use our FREE naming generation tool! So, we’ve put together some insane bonuses as a thank you if you choose to save money with one of our hosting offers!

  • Bonus #1: Get A FREE Custom Professionally Designed Logo for Your New Website- that’s right we will have our graphic designers create a custom logo for your new domain. Saving you a ton of money and helping you launch even faster!
  • Bonus# 2: FREE E-book: 27 100% FREE Website Tools- That will save you countless Time and Money.
  • Bonus #3: FREE Video Training Courses That will help you launch a successful site that gets more traffic and earns more money.
  • Bonus #4: The 24 Hour Ranking System, to rank on the first page of Google for any Niche, Over and Over again, 100% white hat

So, if you are ready to find & secure your next great cheap domain—visit our Name Generation tool now.

Shop Reputable Registrars & Hosting Providers

You already realize there is a lot on getting the perfect domain name. Don’t gamble by registering your domain with an unknown company. Make sure you pick a reputable industry name.

That is why we only offer domain and hosting options from the biggest & best companies on the internet.  Some lesser-known companies may try to lure you in with some type of initial offer and then overcharge you for add-ons down the road.  Or they might not offer the reliability you need with your website.

So, do yourself a favor and pick one of our preferred vendors, we already went through the trouble of aggregating their best offers for you.

Use Time To Your Advantage

 To get the best deal you will usually want to lock in your domain for a longer period of time. We recommend at least two years. But if you intend on having the business for the long haul.  Taking a look at 3-5 years may make sense to save even more money.  So, think about your long-term plans, and if you can swing it, get your domain for a longer amount of time to save money over time.

Understand What You Are Buying

 This goes with anything, but it applies to domains as well. Make sure you understand the fine print, what each company is offering you, and more importantly what they aren’t.  So, you can make sure you are comparing apples to apples.

We try to take most of the leg work off of you by comparing top domain registrars and hosting companies.  But make sure you read the fine print so you don’t get any unwelcome surprises later, that might end up costing you more money.

We hope you enjoyed this 5-step guide on how to find your next domain for less money. If you are ready to lock in your website and business future with a new domain…

Then try out our FREE Naming Generator Tool Now.








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