364 Handyman Business Name Ideas & Availability Checker

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364 Handyman Business Name Ideas & Availability Checker

So, you’ve come up with an awesome handyman business idea — congratulations! But to launch your handyman business, you need a name.

And not just any business name, but a catchy and memorable name that will help you stand out.

Your business name will play a crucial role in your business identity and customers’ first impression. So put in the time and effort needed to come up with a great handyman business name.

And of course, like always you can count on our help to make things easier for you. We’ve come up with:

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364 Handyman Business Name Ideas

If you like any of the names below, use it without any hesitation. However, first put it in our free business name generator to check for the domain and social availability.

Helpful Hand Anywhere Repair Reputable Repairs Repair Reps
Fix It Fast Here To Help To The Rescue Rescue Repair
Rescue Right Away A Helping Hand Handyman Masters Handy Help
Toolbox To Go Mr. Fix It Fixation Station Fix Fixation
Fit Fix Quick Fix Home Doctor Found And Fixed
Tools Of The Trade Minute Fix-It Friendly Fix Friendly Fixers
Find A Fix Repair Anywhere Represent Repairs Repair Replication
Repair Resource Founding Fixers Worry-Free Warriors Rapid Results
Results In A Rush Ready-Repairs Repair Ready Mr. Repair
Select Service Handy Helper Fixed On Service Winning Reputation
Friendly Fix Its A Fair Fix Fixit Solutions Find Your Fix
Up And Running Repairs On The Run Regal Repairs Repair Team
Repair Professionals Top Stair Repair Back In Action The Trusty Handyman
The Handy Gentleman Mr. Handy The Happy Handyman Silver Bullet Handyman
Heroic Handyman The Budget Handyman Discount Handyman Jiffy Handyman
Hometown Handyman A+ Handyman Hammer And Wrench Handyman The Handyman Expert
The Handyman Guru Your Handyman Friend Steadfast Handyman The Loyal Handyman
Problem Solved Handyman Fix It All Handyman Multi-Skilled Handyman The Flexible Handyman
The Handyman Helper Superior Handyman Platinum Handyman Iron Handyman
Acme Handyman Aaa Handyman Just For You Handyman Quality Handyman
One Stop Handyman Not Your Average Handyman Five Star Handyman First Rate Handyman
Gold Medal Handyman Fix It! Handyman Handyman Solutions 24-7 Handyman
All Day Handyman On Demand Handyman Fast ‘N Easy Handyman The Handyman Hero
In And Out Handyman On Time Handyman The Dependable Handyman Tried And True Handyman
The Family Handyman The Local Handyman The Neighborhood Handyman Man With A Wrench
Mr. Handyman The Trusty Handyman The Handy Gentleman Silver Bullet Handyman
Heroic Handyman The Happy Handyman Jiffy Handyman Hometown Handyman
A+ Handyman Hammer And Wrench Handyman The Handyman Expert The Handyman Guru
Your Handyman Friend Steadfast Handyman Problem Solved Handyman Multi-Skilled Handyman
Iron Handyman Platinum Handyman Superior Handyman One Stop Handyman
Handyman FX The Traveling Workshop Fantasy Handyman The Useful Man
The Vigilant Handyman The Handy Home Pro The House Monkey The Grease Monkey
The Handy Mender The Maintenance Guy The Thrifty Fixer The Helpful Toolbox
The Handy Pocket Husband for Hire The House Husband The Generic House Worker
The Nifty Fixer The Common Plumber The Curly Carpenter Home Skills
The General Home Practitioner The Home Generalist No Job Too Odd The Odd Job Guy
No Job Too Odd The Home Generalist The General Home Practitioner Home Skills
The Curly Carpenter The Common Plumber The Handy Pocket The Handy Mender
The Grease Monkey The Vigilant Handyman The Handy Home Pro The Traveling Workshop
Jack Of All Trades Handyman FX The Useful Man Fantasy Handyman
Odd-Jobber Handlanger El Manitas Work Across Lanes
Do All Odd-Job Man Odd Trades Crude Jobbers
Whole Odds Handy Helps Odd Helps Odd Styles
Handy Cronies Job Jawbs Handy Jaws Handy Jobs
360 Jobs Hub Odd Staffs Odd Works Handy Staffs
Handy Cuffs Jobstaff Crews Man Crawlers Job Crawley
Jobs Round Work Around Knights Jobs Simple Salariers
Thrive Jobs Jobs Around Worklands 11Th Minute Jobs
Broke Jobs Jobs Handyman Man 4 The Jobs We Do All
Work All Everything Jobs The Handymen Lillijobmans
Jobber Crew Jobsmith Free Man Jobs Handytech
Techojobs Odd Works Work Shelf Jobberboys
Desi Boys Build-a-Dream Handyman No Job Too Small Handyman Just Screw It!
Aljan Cleaning & Handyman Services Home Again Handyman Services All Done Painting and Handyman Company In the Dust Handyman Service
New Life Handyman Services Side Project Handyman Service Clever Green Handyman service Silver Saints
The Handy Squad Budget Right Handyman Knights Remodeling Handyman 4 Hire
Ben & Mary Handy Seniors Timely Work Home Maintenance
Too Handy check Man With A Wrench The Handyman Hero The Flexible Handyman
7 Day Handyman I’m Your Man Perfection Home Solutions Done Rite
Home Repair As Needed Integrity Services This Hubby For Hire Better Than It Was
Master of Maintenance Floorboards to Lightbulbs After Hours Handyman The Get it Done Guy Handyman
Nation handy services Decorating-Handyman Right Away Handyman Premiere Works
The Neighborhood Handyman N & N Remodeling Company ProMen Company 1 & Done Handyman
The Dependable Handyman The Jobmate All Season Handyman You Break We Fix
The Rudimentary Handyman The Home Generalist The Common Plumber Job Jawbs
Jobstaff Crews Everything Jobs A Two Z Handyman Service Superior Craftsmen
In-Demand Service Home Trends Honey-Do Tailored House
AAA Affordable Classic Repairs Aztech Home Repair Handy Husbands
My Handy Manny Rent A Son House Doctors Handyman Services HomeWorx Remodeling & Handyman
Nailed it! Handy Man Service Renaissance Handyman & Painting Blue Army Handyman Services Best 4 Less Harry’s Handyman
High Rise Handyman Quick Fix Handyman Rise Fit Small projects team Around The House
1st Look Maintenance Citywide Handyman Services All Pro Maintenance In And Out Handyman
The Perfecto Handyman Toolbox Handy Services The Handyman Guru Problem Solved Handyman
The Hippy Handyman Value Handyman Services Heroic Handyman Jack’s Trades
Crude Jobbers Just In Time AAA Touch of Magic More Than Handy
His and Hers Handyman Service Tri-county Handyman Service Ez Fix Qualityman
YoursHandyMan You Name It- We Can Do It Bob Handyman Handyman Artie
Tyson Home Repair A+ Handyman The Snappy Handyman Handyman by Moonlight
American Handyman Small Jobs Rapid Handyman Service House Care & More
The Clean Choice Easylife Maintenance Rise Fit Small Projects Team


Citywide Handyman Services
Paul’s Small Jobs The Project Doc Housemaster Michael The Perfection Connection
Call Me Handyman Small Job Paul Handyman Taskforce Out of the Toolbox Handyman Services
Side Project Handyman Service The Golden Hammer Stiff as a Board Handyman The I Can Handyman
Dirty Jobs Handyman Hands-on Handyman Bob The Handyman #1 Handyman
Handy Manny Stay Afloat Handyman Service Free Man Jobs Jobsmith
Work Shelf We Do All Man 4 The Jobs Broke Jobs
Worklands Thrive Jobs Jobs Around Knights Jobs
Simple Salariers Job Crawley Man Crawlers Jobstaff Crews
Handy Cuffs 360 Jobs Hub Do All Odd-Job Man
Whole Odds Tyson Home Repair Network Pro handymen Dr. Handyman LLC
Superior Repairs Mighty Repairs Aha Handyman Service Right Crew Handyman
Fairview Home Repair SOS Handyman Service Redneck Handyman Services Epley Roofing & Handyman
Hilltop Handyman HomeWorx Remodeling & Handyman Just N Time Handyman One & Done Handyman
Handyman Mark Handyman From Heaven Kromer’s Fix-it Services The Home Hero
Kalamazoo Home Repair UpKeep Home Maintenance All Pro Fix It DNA Handyman
Copper Creek Handyman Overhaul Handyman High End Handyman Services Credible Construction
The Handy Bee 1st Service Handyman Harmony Improvements Smart Home Maintenance
Peach State Repair Shop Cali Handyman & Plumbing Services Utah Repair Works Oregon Handyman Services
Trusted Handyman The Dependable Handyman First Choice Handyman Reliable Handyman Services
Helpful Hand Reputable Repairs #1 Handyman Johnny Fix It

Remember plug any of the names above into our name generator to instantly check availability.

business name generator and availability checker

5 Different Strategies for Picking the Right Handyman Business Name

Found a name in the above list that you absolutely love? That’s awesome. But to make it your own, you must first run it through our business name generator tool to check for availability.

Didn’t find a name that inspires you? No issues. We’ve shared 5 strategies to help you come up with a perfect name for your handyman business. You can use any one of these strategies or a combination of different strategies. Remember: There’s no right or wrong way to pick a great business name. Just go along with whatever works for you.

  1. First Impression

How you want people to perceive your handyman business brand right off the bat? This is the foremost question you should ask yourself.

Do you want to give the impression that you can handle all sorts of repair works? If so, make sure your brand name reflects this. Here are some examples to inspire you in the right direction.

  • A Two Z Handyman Service
  • You Name It, We Can Do It
  • We Do All Repairs
  • 360 Repair Hub
  • Fix it All Handyman
  • One-Stop Handyman
  • Handyman Taskforce

Do you want to assure your customers that you will come to their rescue, regardless of the time of day? In that case, pick names such as the following:

  • 24-7 Handyman Services
  • All Day Handyman
  • 7 Day Handyman
  • All Season Handyman

Do you wish to tell that customers no job is too small for you or that you are on a mission to fix their problems? Then names such as these will suit your brand better.

  • Fix It
  • Man with a Wench
  • The Get it Done Guy Handyman
  • No Job Too Small Handyman

Do you want to reassure customers that your repair works are affordable? If yes, pick names such as these:

  • Best 4 Less Harry’s Handyman
  • The Budget Handyman
  • Discount Handyman

In short, pick a name that will help you make a suitable first impression on your customers.

  1. Look at the big picture

Okay, it’s important to make a strong first impression, but it’s equally important to keep the future in mind.

Do you plan to sell your handyman business down the line? Do you want to turn it into a franchise in the future?

If yes, try picking a name that will be appealing to a franchise or buyer. Here are some examples:

  • Handyman Connection
  • Andy OneCall
  • Handyman Matters
  • Mr Handyman
  • The Honey-Do Service
  • Maintenance Made Simple
  • House Doctors Handyman Services
  • Home Fixology
  • Odd Job Bob
  • Handyman Network
  • Handy Pro Handyman Service
  • Home Task Handyman Services
  • Yellow Van Handyman
  1. Short and Sweet

Don’t underestimate the power of simple brand names. They are not only easy to remember but also help you build brand image quickly. Check out what we came up with.

  • Johnny Fix It
  • House-Calls
  • SolutionGuy
  • Handyman
  • #1 Handyman
  • RepairShop
  • Absolute Handi
  • Golden Hammer
  • Handy Bob
  • The House Dr.
  • HandySeniors
  • Ben & Mary
  1. Connect through Emotions

When it comes to connecting with customers, psychology plays a crucial role. That’s why words that evoke certain emotions may help you brand yourself better. Consider these examples:

  • Trusted Handyman
  • The Dependable Handyman
  • First Choice Handyman
  • Reliable Handyman Services
  • Helpful Hand
  • Reputable Repairs


  1. Capitalize on Your Location

One effective way to brand your handyman business and let the local community know you are open for business is by using your city’s name. Some examples to get you thinking are as follows:

  • Oregon Handyman Services
  • Utah Repair Works
  • Cali Handyman & Plumbing Services
  • Peach State Repair Shop
  • Maine Repair Center

Use Our Free Business Tool to Check Availability

Have you finally come up with an awesome name?

Cool. But before you celebrate, run the name in our Free Naming Generator to see its availability. If the name is up for grabs, our tool will get you a mouth-watering deal from top hosting companies. Plus, you’ll get a bonus bundle from us.

If the selected handyman business name is already taken, NamingGenerator.com will provide you with many closely-related business ideas that are still available.

handyman-drilling wood

12 Handyman Business Name Brainstorming Keyword Ideas

  • Handyman
  • Repair
  • Repair shop
  • Repair work
  • Plumbing
  • Fix-up tasks
  • Odd jobs
  • Side work
  • Floor repair
  • Electrical work
  • Painting
  • Gutter Cleaning

Here are some relevant keywords you put in our business name generator to get more cool ideas for your handyman business name.



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