How To Choose A Domain Name For A Photography Website?

how to choose a domain for photography


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If you are a photographer looking to create a website for your business or someone looking to make a photography website for someone else, then you may be wondering: How do you choose the best domain for your photography site?

In this article, we will go over a simple process that is geared specifically towards photography sites and making sure you pick the perfect domain.

So, how do you pick the best domain for your photography site? Follow this simple 5 step process to picking the perfect domain name for your photography site:

  1. Stay Consistent With Your Business Name
  2. Understand Your Brand & Perfect Customer
  3. Follow Domain Best Practices
  4. Consider Potential Photography Appropriate Domain Extensions
  5. Use FREE Tools To Save Time & Money

Keep reading this article to understand more about each of these steps and learn how to pick the perfect photography domain – every single time.

Step 1: Stay Consistent With Your Business Name

The first step to creating a website for your photography business is making sure it aligns with your business name as closely as possible. If you already have a business name start by searching that in our Free Name Generator Tool.

Naming Generator Domain Search Image

If you are able to find an exact match then this may be your best bet. Especially if you are an established business with brand equity. You want to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find you. Whether it’s to review past work or to purchase new work. 

The last thing you want is for a customer to get a great word of mouth suggestion from a friend, that previously used your photography services, only to have that person run home and look for you on the internet without being able to find you or being unsure if the website they find is actually you. So, the closer you can make your domain name to your actual photography business name, the better.

As a photographer there are also some great new photography related domain extensions that may work great if you really want to have your exact business name.  We will go more into these domain extensions later in this article.

Either way, we suggest plugging your business name into our FREE tool and starting there.

If you don’t have a business name yet, then reverse that idea.  Come up with a couple of ideas you like for a business name, check the domain availability first so you can make sure the business, domain, and social media names are available before choosing. It will make life much easier.

Step 2: Understand Your Brand and Ideal Customer

This should go without saying, but make sure you understand your company’s brand. Or if you are creating a new company, then consider this when picking a name and domain.

Words matter, so if you can pick a domain that exudes the qualities you are trying to represent, it will go a long way towards building trust in your potential customers eyes. 

People have a lot of options when it comes to picking a photography company, so you want to give yourself every edge you can.  Having a professional brand image can separate yourself apart from their friend down the street.

So, make sure you think about the brand you want and ensure the domain you select matches and amplifies that.

Don’t think it matters? Here is a simple example.  Would you rather get your photos from:

  • or 

I know it’s a silly example but hopefully it hits the point home.  So, think of those seed words that represent your brand and plug those into the Name Generator to get started.

Step 3: Follow Best Practices When Selecting A Domain Name

In this section, you will find general rules of thumb you should follow whenever possible when selecting a new domain name for your photography site.  These are principles that apply to all websites, but will give your photography site a small leg up if you followed.

Size Matters- And Not the Way You Think

When it comes to a domain name, remember the shorter the better. This is one case where bigger is not better.  Make sure you lean to easier/simpler domain names when you can.  This will make your domain easier to remember and inherently more valuable.

Make it Easy to Say & Spell

If you’re the world’s funniest wordsmithing photographer in town, your domain name isn’t somewhere you want to show that off. I love a good play on words or esoteric lexicon as much as the next guy, but remember your domain name is your digital calling card, don’t make it hard for your potential customers to spell or say. It will only cost your business customers and money.

Keywords Still Count for SEO

The old days of getting an exact match domain and instantly ranking at the top of the search engines is long gone. But, keyword rich domains still count as part of Google’s ranking algorithm. So, if you can have a domain that includes an important keyword. It can only help you in the long run.

Stick to Top Level Domains Whenever Possible

These days there are endless domain extensions for you to set up your photography website with.  In the end, if you can secure a top-level domain you will almost always be in a better position.

It will be easier for your customers to remember and type. Think about the last time you tried to type in a domain that wasn’t a .com, I bet you put it in with a .com at first and then had to go back and change it to the proper extension to find the site you were looking for.

If you haven’t you might have in-advertently visited or shopped someone else’s site. That’s exactly what we want to avoid for your photography business. The search engines also seem to favor top level domains.  So, if you can stick to the .com, .net, .orgs of the world.

Our name generator makes this easy by specifically calling out TLD options for you.

There is a slight exception you could potentially make with a photography site if you so choose…

If you really want a business name domain you could consider a few of the potential photography appropriate domain extensions below.

Step 4: Consider Unique Photography Appropriate Domain Extensions.

In this section, we wanted to provide a list of potential domain extensions that might be great for your photography business.


Here is a great domain if you want to make your company sound bigger than maybe it is, or highlight the fact that you are an all-purpose photography studio.  This is something that can be paired with your exact business name for a really sharp sound.


This one is pretty self-explanatory.  If you wanted to have your name and add .photography as the extension, it can become a digital calling card that now only gives your name, but also, clearly explains what your business does.  All in one neat package.

.Pics or .Pictures

.pics and .pictures are two other great potential domain extensions for a photographer. One is shorter and provides a younger/friendlier vibe, while the longer option portrays a more serious business brand. It really depends on you to pick the best option for your company.


Can be a great option for a photography portfolio site, or a photographer that focus on more artistic work.


If you are a photographer that also dabbles in camera equipment. Then the .camera extension could be perfect for you. Perhaps you do commercial photography and leasing of photo equipment. Then this could be a great option for you.

If you are ready to select your photography domain go to our Free Tool to find the perfect available domain for you.

If you want to learn more about why you should use our tool, move to step 5.

Step 5: Use A Free Name Generator To Find Your Photography Domain Name Faster & Cheaper.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, we really recommend using our domain name generator to find your next domain name.

But in case you are new here we wanted to give you the highlights of why it’s the next obvious step in your website journey.

Saves Time Finding You An Available Domain

Finding an available domain name is hard, it can be really hard.  If you choose to do it manually it can be frustrating and lead you to picking a so-so domain out of sheer fatigue.

We our domain generator will allow you to instantly find your perfect photography domain with a push of button.

Also Finds Available Social Media Names

Why manually go to each social media site to see if your potential name is available when our tool will do it for you instantly.

100% FREE To Use

Did we mention our tool is 100% Free to use! So, what do you have to lose?

Save Money & Time Securing The Domain

We don’t just help you find the perfect domain name, we also find and show you offers from industry leaders that will help you buy the domain, or sometimes get it for FREE as part of hosting. So, you can save money just by using our aggregated offers.


We go a step further for anyone that finds and secures their domain with one of our offers.  We offer you FREE bonuses to help you save money and for your website’s success!

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If you are ready to take-action, and start your photography empire, go to our FREE name generating too now.


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