How Long After a Domain Expires Can I Buy It?

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How Long After a Domain Expires Can I Buy It? Domain names are available between one-year to ten-year subscription plans. However, humans err, and we can easily forget the status of our domain registrations and, inadvertently, cause these domains to expire. You are not alone if you want to know how to prevent this from […]

11 Best BlueHost Hosting Alternatives 2020- Full Comparison Guide

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11 Best Bluehost Hosting Alternatives? Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links and purchases made through these links will result in a small commission back to our site at no additional cost to you. Webhosting is essential to running an online business or website as it provides the infrastructure for your site’s performance, stability, security, and […]

How Much Does it Cost to Hire Someone to Build a Website

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There has never been a more convenient time to start a website than today. That’s because the cost and resources of building, maintaining, and hosting a site are widely and affordably available to anyone on the internet. So if you want someone to build a website for you, one of the first things that you […]

What Does Domain Proxy Mean?

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Whether you are starting a professional business website or a personal blog, you also need to consider the impact that purchasing a domain name entails to your data privacy. For starters, you need to decide if you are willing to let your name, address, and other personal information be readily available online. If not, are […]

How Many Websites Are Started Every Day?

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Since the birth of the internet more than three decades ago, millions of websites have been created. But have you ever wondered how many sites are started every single day? You may guess that the number’s in the thousands, but let’s find out. So how many websites are started every single day? A closer estimate […]

What Symbols/Characters are Valid in a Domain Name?

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Your domain name is everyone’s way of remembering and finding your website. Your domain name refers to the name of your website and internet users can use your domain name instead of the web address (or IP address – a string of numbers) to access your website. A domain name could be any combination of letters and […]