What Is The Easiest Way To Find An Available Domain Name?

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If you are thinking about starting a business or website one of the first things on your to-do-list may be settling on a name.  This process can be really exciting since it usually represents an idea of turning into something tangible. Unfortunately, this exercise can quickly turn frustrating and stressful when you start checking business and domain name availability.

“This is something that I’ve struggled with myself many times. So, in this article, we will show you the easiest way to find an available domain name.”

What is the easiest way to find an available domain? The easiest and fastest way to find and come up with a new and available domain name is by using a FREE domain name generator like NamingGenerator.com.

Continue reading this article to learn more about domain name generators, and how NamingGenerator.com not only helps you instantly find the perfect name but also offers some other unique bonuses that save you money and accelerates your success.

how to find an available domain name banner

What Does A Business/Domain Name Generator Do?

A name generator is a custom software utility that helps you quickly find available domain names.  The benefit of using a name generator is that it automates a process that typically has to be done manually. A quality name generator not only allows you to automate the process, but it can save you hours of manual work by completing the task nearly instantly.

Unfortunately, not all name generators are created equal. Below you will see what sets NamingGenerator.com apart from the competition.

What Makes NamingGenerator.com The Best Option For Easily Finding Your Next Domain Name?

We think NamingGenerator.com is the best available domain name generator around, but there are other options out there. So, in this section, we will show you why we think you should bookmark our tool for use before any new website.

More Than Just A Name Generator

NamingGenerator.com not only provides a best-in-class technology solution for quickly finding new business and available domain name suggestions. It does it with blazing speed and multiple categorized suggestions.

It also comes packed with a host of other features…

Instantly Check Corresponding Social Media Name Availability

Finding a great name is only half-the-battle. There is nothing worse than thinking you found the perfect brand name for your new venture, only to find out that the social media names are taken.  For anyone that’s gone through this, you know it can be really demotivating and frustrating, leaving you to start the search all over.

Even worse is when you pull the trigger and purchase a domain name that is available without checking the social media profiles, leaving you with a useless domain or having different names across all your social media platforms.

NamingGenerator.com makes sure you never go through this again, by not only checking the domain availability but also allowing you to instantly check the name availability across countless social media platforms instantly.

Now you can have complete confidence that the domain you are choosing for your new website is the best choice for the long-term growth of your brand.

Helps You Get Your Domain Faster & Cheaper

Finding the perfect domain name is great, but NamingGenerator.com takes it to the next level by securing offers from premium hosting & registrar companies that allow you to register the domain for FREE.

Why pay for a domain when you can get it for free?  You don’t have to search far and wide through countless different hosting offers to try and figure out which is the best deal.

We make that whole process much easier, by showing you the great deals from the top names in the industry.  We cut through all the technobabble to make your decision easy.

This is key when it comes to starting a new business.  Momentum is crucial, especially at the start of any project. Not to mention the perfect domain name can be here today—gone tomorrow. Actually, more like here this minute, gone the next. So, we want to make sure when you find the right name using our software, you can quickly pull the trigger and make it yours before someone else does.

So, you can get your domain name faster and cheaper!

Completely FREE Tool

We provide all of these great benefits completely FREE. We created NamingGenerator.com to help people looking to start or grow their online business.

We’ve started lots of websites and know the process can be a little daunting at times. Especially at first, so everything we do here is meant to help entrepreneurs get started on their online business.

Don’t worry about us though, we aren’t totally altruistic. In the interest of full disclosure, we keep this site and software free by earning affiliate commission from some of the companies you see on this site.  So, if you purchase anything through our links we get a small commission from the company. This doesn’t affect your price at all but definitely helps us keep the lights on, and the Naming Generator FREE for you. So, thank you in advance!

Plus, We Offer Amazing Bonuses

We think we have the best business software in the industry. But, we really racked our brain on how we could make our Name Generator your go-to website whenever you’re looking for a new domain name.

So, when you read the amazing bonuses you are going to get when you purchase your next domain name through one of our affiliate partners, you are going to want to HIT THAT BOOKMARK BUTTON on your browser.

So, here are the FREE Bonuses you will get if you choose to purchase discounted hosting through our website’s links…

BONUS #1- FREE Custom Designed Logo

Every new website or business needs a professional logo to help build its brand and reputation. Now, if you’re a graphic designer then you can create your own premium logo.

But, for most people starting a website, they aren’t graphic designers. So, we want to help you get your website off to a fast start.  So, for a limited time,  as a thank you to the new users of NamingGenerator.com, we are going to have our graphic designers create a custom premium logo for the domain name you just found!

All you have to do is take advantage of one of our incredible partners’ offers, that we’ve secured for you to host your new website. (Something every website needs by the way.)

Then, Claim your FREE custom logo Design!

BONUS #2- FREE E-Book: 21 FREE Website Tools That Will Save You Money & Countless Hours

As you can imagine we have a lot of experience using software and tools. Some are good, some not so much. But, regardless one thing we know for sure is that starting a new website takes time and money.

So, we wanted to put together a list of FREE tools that every new website owner should know about.  These tools help you perform tasks in various categories. The best part of these tools is that you can start using them 100% FREE. We are confident that these are tools you’ve probably never heard of, but need to know about if you’re interested in saving time and money.

BONUS #3- 6 FREE Mini-Courses

We don’t want to help you find a great domain name and discounted hosting offers and then just leave you on your own. We thought it might be helpful to include some education to help you navigate starting a new website in a way that positions you for long-term success.

So we will include 6 complete mini-courses that cover the following topics:

  • Website Design
  • E-Commerce
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Lead Generation
  • Funnel Building
  • Affiliate Marketing

BONUS #4- The 24-Hr Ranking System: How to Rank On The First Page Of Google, Over and Over Again, In Any Niche, 100%  White Hat

No, matter how great your website is or how awesome your brand looks, it all means nothing without traffic.  So, we will include the 24-hour ranking system.

This full course will help you get endless free traffic from Google for any niche or product.  To help you quickly grow your website and business.

So, Are You Ready To Try It For Yourself?

We hope we helped answer your question about what is the easiest way to find an available domain name.

And, hopefully, we made it clear why we think our Naming Generator is the best option on the internet. In case you were skimming…

Here is a recap for you:

  • Cutting Edge Technology & Speed
  • Instantly Find Domain and Social Media Availability
  • Completely FREE to use
  • Get Your Domain/Hosting Faster & Cheaper
  • FREE Bonus # 1: Premium Logo Design
  • FREE Bonus # 2: Free E-Book
  • FREE Bonus # 3: 6 Free Video Mini-Courses
  • FREE Bonus # 4: Free 24 Hour Ranking System

So, if you are ready to find the perfect domain name for your next online business…

Take NamingGenerator.com for a spin Now!


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  • High-Speed Custom CDN with 35 Global Edge Locations

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