500 Essential Oils Business Name Ideas & Instant Availability Checker

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500 Essential Oils Business Name Ideas & Instant Availability Checker

Thinking of launching an essential oils business? You need an awesome business name, for sure.

In this article, we help you short-list 500 essential oils business name ideas, with the help of our free availability checker and generator.

Starting an essential oils business can be a business venture that’s both profitable and fun. The interest in essential oils has been steadily growing, among the young and young-at-heart alike, and the demand for these oils has never been higher.

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What are Essential Oils?

Simply put, essential oil is a natural extracted from a single plant species. The plants that have the essential extracts would have them in their roots, stems, leaves, flowers, or fruits. Essential oils are aromatic liquid compounds derived from natural sources (typically, plants). Technically, they are not “oil”, but do likely share the same characteristic of poor solubility when mixed with water. Essential oils often have an odor and are therefore used in food flavoring and perfumery. They are typically prepared by fragrance extraction techniques (distillation, cold pressing, or solvent extraction).

essential-oil-flowers in dish

Inhaling the aroma from essential oils can stimulate areas of the limbic system, which is the part of your brain that’s instrumental in emotions, behaviors, and sense of smell. The limbic system is highly involved in the formation of memories. This can partly explain why familiar smells can trigger certain memories or emotions. The system also plays a role in controlling a number of unconscious physiological functions (such as breathing, heart rate, and blood pressure). That being said, some people claim that essential oils are effective in eliciting a physical effect on the body.

The terms “essential oils” and “aromatherapy” are widely interchanged, and yes, they basically mean the same. In the strict sense, though, the two terms may not always be correctly interchanged as not all essential oils have a pleasant fragrance. In truth, a number of essential oils have an unpleasant odor. While taking note that smell is subjective, German chamomile is a popular example of an essential oil that does is not appealing to many people. Furthermore, “aromatherapy” implies that the therapeutic benefit is derived only through smelling or inhaling essential oils. In reality, there are actually various ways to use essential oils.

To be syntactically correct, “essential oils therapy” may be more accurate than just throwing the term “aromatherapy” around. And for this article’s purpose, let’s stick to the central definition of “essential oils therapy” as the therapeutic use of aromatic plant extracts and essential oils (whether in baths or massage) with the goal of alleviating mood and/or promoting one’s health or well-being.

If you like any of the essential oils business names below, do feel free to use them. Just make sure to check if the domain and social media profile names are available using our free availability checker.

Amore Essential Oils Apothecary Choices Aroma Gallery
Aroma Bliss Aromatherapy Lane Aromatic Oilers
Aromatherapy Lounge Aromatique Essential Oils Aromatic Remedies
Aromatherapy Lounge Ayurveda Essential Oils Balm Basket
Aromatic Charm Babbling Brook Basket of Basil
Doctor Nature Balsamic Healing By the Tea Tree
Emotions Bergamot Dreams Cups of Cardamom
Essential Glow Bubble Baths Essential Oils Cure Mountain
Essential Touch Calming Spirits Divine Oils
Essentiale Camphor Classics Essential Naturals
Finesse Essential Oils Cedar Streams Fine Pines
Floral Escape Chamomile Central Nature’s Juice
Fountain of Youth Cinnamon Cameo Flower Bouquet
Fresh Mist Clear Thoughts Fragrance Farm
Fruit Basket Cranberry Seeds Green Leaf Soothing Oils
Healing Hands Deep Sleep Handcrafted Healing
Healing Scents Emotion Ocean Happy Mind Oilers
Healing Touch Essential Oils Apothecary Healing Moments
Heaven Scent Floral Essences Healing Springs
Hope Springs Flower Garden Healing Wood
Inner Zen Fountain of Healing Intrinsic Minerals
Me Time Fragrance Factory Jasmine on My Mind
Mind Set Geranium Emporium Just Jasmine
Natural Healing Aromatherapy Heart to Heart Essential Oils Kiss from a Rose
Natural Touch Juniper Breeze Nature’s Balance
Nature’s Best Lavender Ladies Nature’s Elements
Nature’s Wonders Lemongrass Fields Nature’s Gold
Oil Factory Neem Tree Nature’s Relief
Oil Fountain Nutmeg’s Oli Essenziali
Oilful Glow Olary Sage Olive Garden
Oils for Less Only Nature Organic Essentials
Oils for the Soul Organic Charms Organic Oils
Oilsense Organic Gold Palo Santo Essential Oils
Organic Sense Orris Roots Peppermint Patio
Pure Magic Patch of Patchouli Pure Essentials
Sea of Serenity Peppermint Place Pure Oils
Serene Soul Pure Wisdom Rose Oil Specialist
Serenity Spa Red Cedar Sandalwood and Sage
Silent Senses Serene Queen Scent Secrets
Soft Touch Soothing Scents Sensible Oils
Sweet Smells Soothing Senses Spruce Crossing
The Five Senses Soulful Lounge Terrazza Essenziali
The Healing Rose Summer Breeze The Apothecary
The Oil Chest The Juicy Tangerine The Calming Cure
The Oil Merchant The Mustard Seed The Eucalyptus Leaf
The Oil Parade The Oil Distillery The Fragrant Factor
The Smell Well The Oilery The Perfumery
The Zen Garden The Serenity Lounge Western Essential Oilers
Touch of Oil The Tactile Mile Wintergreen Trading
Zen Magic YourName Oilery Yin and Yang Essential Oils

Check if these Essential Oils business names are available.

Ambergris Absinthe Angelica’s Roots
Ambrosia Wells All Things Considered Apricot Sunshine Essential Oils
Angel’s Trumpets Aromatherapy Massages Aroma Distillery
Arnica Montana Therapy Aromatic Wells Aromatherapy Plus
Attar Mists Aromatic Yoga Balmy Skies
Belladonna Basics Authentic Essences Basil and Bay
Bloomfields Natural Healing Oils Basil Basin Blissful Pleasures
Caraway Essence Bergamot Wells Butterfly Wings Scents and Oils
Essential Balance Birch Therapies By the River Healing Oils
Essential Escape Camphor Charms Carefree Days
Essential Extracts Chamomile Therapies Chi Essences
Essential Invigoration Cinnamon Sugar Scents Citrus Channels
Essential Therapies Citron Central Down South Essential Oils and Spa
Ethereal Oils Climactic Healing Early Evening Scents
Evergreen Essential Oils Cold Pressed Organic Oils Earth Extracts
Fire and Rain Essential Oils Cypress Captures Essential Emporium
Floral Essences Earthy Elixirs Essential Mists Oils and Scents
Full Blooms Essential Miracles Essential Oil Journey
Functional Healing Oils Essentiality Oils and Scents Fairy Dust Essential Oils
Healing Kiss Essential Oils Essentials Salon Herb Essentials
Healing Power Essential Oils Essenza Scents and Oils Hibiscus Heights
Healing Wells Ethereal Essences Jasmine Therapies
Herbal Essentials Eucalyptus Therapies Licorice Fields
House of Wellness Fragrance Bliss Meditation Bay
Huiles Essentielles Geranium Organics Meditation Station
Lavender Dreams Ginger Therapeutics My Happy Place Oils and Scents
Linseed Charms Goldenrod Therapies Myrtle Therapies
Magical Gardens Holistic Healing Oils Natural Elixirs
Mandragora Wellness Spa Invigoratiing Bath Oils Organic Blends
Meditation Space Jasmine Organics Organic Senses
Mountain of Healing Lady’s Gloves Orris Orbit
Musk Haves Lavender Essences Palo Santo Healing
Natural Healing Oils Medicinal Meditation Peppermint Organics
Natural Nectars Myrrhic Touch Pink Patchouli
Nightbird Organic Oils Natural Healing Therapies Quiet Corner
Nightshade Organics Nature’s Extracts Savory Senses
Organic Sanctum Nature’s Parfum Scent Masters
Patchouli Patio Organic Scents Scent Solutions
Puro Esencial Patchouli Potentials Scents Station
Rose Garden Quintessential Oils Shining Streams Essential Oils
Rose Palace Wellness Relaxation Techniques Something Serene
Sandalwood Shoppe Rosemary’s Cousins Soothing Essences
Smooth Escape Spa Rosewood Essentials Spa Essentials
Soothing Specialists Sandalwood Saloon Spruce Essentials
Steal Away Spa Scent Experts Still Waters Essential Oils
Sweet Scents Scents and Style Summer Kisses Essential Oils
Three Queens Essential Oils Soothed Senses Sweet Escape
Wellness Scents Wellness Plus Thistle Seeds
YourName’s Essence Wintergreen Scents and Oils Up in the Clouds
YourName’s Garden YourName’s Scented Oils Zen Essentials

Check if these Essential Oils business names are available.

Aroma Lockets Beauty Barn Adore
Aroma Oasis Botanical Bliss Atlantic Oils
Blue Horizons Crucial Healing Botanica Natura
Clear Minds Destiny Wellness Capsicum Concoctions
Cloverfields Essential Oils Dewdrops Oils and Scents Chamomile Cove
Essential Meditation Divine Essences Classy Essentials
Essential Remedies Earthenware Essential Oils Cleansing Spirits
Essential Wisdom Ebb and Flow Clear Skies Spa and Wellness
Extracted from Nature Esensa Natura Crimson Club
Flora Essenza Essential Blends Daily Doses
From Eden Essential Elements Earth and Sky Scents and Oils
Goddess of Earth Essential Life Earthy Essentials
Golden Waterfalls Spa Essential Relaxation Elegant Essentials
Happy Thoughts Essential Oils Essential Stimulation Essential Aura
Healing Blossoms Everflow Essential Oils Essential Experts
Healing Magic Flower Mixers Essential Oil Solutions
Herbal Life Glacial Mountains Ethereal Energy
Joy of Healing Healing Creations Evenflow Scents and Oils
Lily of the Valley Heavenly Drops Exact Essences
Magical Touch Helpful Healing Expert Care Essential Oils
Mantra Essential Oils Holistic Haven Freedom to Flow
Mimi’s Mixtures Joyful Moods Oils and Scents Glow Nation
Mood Co. Kismet Klassiks Grassy Knolls
Morning Dew Essential Oils Lavender Creatures Healthy Indulgence
Mother Earth Extracts Liquid Gold Herb Valley
Nature’s Blends Metaphor for the Soul Herbs and Essences
Nature’s Oils Musk Mists Holy Land
OilFactory Senses Natural Balance Kismet Wellness
Oils Oasis Natural Cure Let’s Go Lemon
Organic Bliss Nuvali Oils Natural Essentials
Organic Healing Organic Potions Natural Remedies
Organic Pleasures Pacific Oils Nature Therapy
Pastel Patchouli Peppermint Patch Nature’s Cure
Peace of Mind Co. Perfect Potions Nurtured by Nature
Pleasant Trees Pure Gold Oleum Aethereum
Pristine Place Pure Shores Olio Naturale
Pure Drops Salve Naturelle Opulent Oils
Radha Elements Sands of Time Organic Oilers
Relaxation Station Sensory Soothers Positive Vibes
Scent Creations Soothing Showers Pure Essence
Scentsational Oils Starstruck Essences Pure Gardens
Sea of Tranquility Tea Leaves and Thyme Purity Points
Serene Essentials Tea Tree Temple Relaxing Shores
Soothing Souls Terra Mater Essentials Roots Essential Extracts
South of the Border Spa and Scents The Steam Room Serene Oils
Sweet Mists Relaxing Oils Tranquil Skies Serenity Scents
Terracotta Therapeutic Lounge Tranquility Specialists Therapeutic Trickles
Therapeutic Essential Oils Urban District Essential Oilers Total Care
Total Essences Vapor Vessels Wellness Central
Tranquil Scents and Oils YourName’s Solutions YourName’s Potions

Check if these Essential Oils business names are available.

Adoring Eyes Essential Oils
Au Naturel Oils and Scents
Beauty Blossoms
Beauty Garden
Blissful Treasures
Chalice Oils
Crescent Moon Oils
Earthen Pots
Easy Mind Spa and Wellness
Essential Mind Wellness
Essential Oils and Scents Depot
Essential Scents
Essential Wells
Flower Child
Flower Farm
For All Time
Fragrant Skies
Free Your Mind
Fruity Fragrances
Green Gardens
Guru Sage
Gypsy Woman Oils and Scents
Healing Station
Healing Valley
House of Essences
Miracle Oils
Miracle Scents
New Age Essential Oils
Nuile Naturelle
Oleum Bonum
Organic Culture Co.
Organic Purity
Organic Shores
Organic Touch Essental Oils
Pristine Pleasures
Pure Blends
Pure Harvests
Pure Love Crafted Scents
Purity Stream
Rosewood Gardens
Simple Purity
Stardust Essential Oils
Sun and Wind Spa Essentials
The Relaxation Lounge
The Thankful Goddess
Total Cure
True Essence
Vivid Valleys
Willowberry Essential Oils
Ylang-Ylang on My Mind

Check if these Essential Oils business names are available.

Because the business name ideas on the list above are all random, chances are, others may have thought of these names, as well. The good news is if the exact-match essential oils business name you want is not available, our free name generator will instantly give you a bunch of related name ideas.

How to Name Your Essential Oils Business

The search for essential oils in the market, nowadays, is a round-the-clock adventure. People from all sides of the globe are increasingly getting hooked with essential oil therapy – which also gives us an ever-growing market. And so, if your plan is to set up an essential oils business, make sure you pick a catchy name in order for your business to thrive among the horde. Below are some tips on how to arrive at an essential oils business name that sticks.

Call to Women. In general, the female population is much more inclined towards this particular product set and this is good reason why a business name that appeals to females may be more apt if what you’re starting is an essential oils venture. Think: pastel colors, dainty ornaments, emotions… These are but some word groups that may catch feminine attention. And this is why “Pink Patchouli”, “Aroma Lockets”, and “The Serenity Lounge” all made our list.

Relate to Nature. Essential oil is a natural product and this alone makes it a stand-out product. A good essential oils business name should depict the essence of nature. People love organically-occurring elements more than artificial, synthetic goods and would always go with natural if there always was a choice. Thus, “Nature’s Juice” or “Nature’s Blends” and “Peppermint Organics” will have a down-home appeal.

lemon-essential oil bottle

Keep it Catchy. Keep in mind that the heavily-increasing demand for essential oils will naturally come with a heavily-increasing supply by like-minded entrepreneurs. Using alliteration or rhythm in your essential oils business name can help make your business memorable to customers. “Citron Central” and “Scent Secrets” are just a couple of such suggestions.

Customer Values.  Focus on creating names that appeal to customer values with words such as: natural, organic, healing, relaxation, etc. A business name that lets your customer know what solutions you offer or that your central business principles are similar to what they hold as important is a great way to make your business come across as relevant and trustworthy. “Natural Healing” and “Nature’s Balance” are good examples.

Foreign Words. Words from a far-off romantic destination have a way of sounding exotic, exciting, and may give the feeling of being “transported”. “Huiles Essentielles” and “Oli Essenziali” are French and Italian translations of “essential oils”, respectively.

Go Brand-able. Brand-able business names can be non-sensical, but are read and pronounced easily. Typically, these words are made of letter patterns of vowel-consonant-vowel as these word structures are typically brief, catchy, and easy to say and remember. For example, some brand-able essential oils business names could sound something like: “Nuvali Oils” or “Esensa Natura”.

Once you’ve short-listed possible names, go over it once again and refine it some more. Take away any business names that could be hard to remember, spell or speak out loud. Keep the names that roll off the tongue with less effort, memorable, brand-able, and those that communicate your brand values, products or services well to your target market.

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Checking for Availability of your Essential Oils Business’ Name

business name generator and availability checker

At this point, it would be great to have at least three awesome essential oils business name ideas on your list. AT LEAST. More is better, actually, in case any of your preferred names have already been taken or registered. You can do a quick business name search online to find out if your name is available within your country or state. It pays, too, to search if the business name you want is also still available for trademark and domain name registrations.

The first place you can go to find out about the availability of your essential oils business name as an internet domain name is with our FREE Naming Generator. This tool will allow you to quickly search the availability of your preferred domain name. If the essential oils business name you want is available for registration, the tool will easily assist you in quickly securing that domain at the best possible price from some of the leading providers in the industry. In case your domain name idea is no longer available to register, our naming generator tool will offer free domain name suggestions, using your own ideas and other keywords you may think of. What’s more, our tool will link you to great leads for domain registrars and web hosting providers, too.

Business Name Key Words Related To Essential Oils

Your goal here is to create a list of words or names that come to mind when thinking about your business.

Earlier, we talked a little bit about value-add words and how these can be effective in naming your essential oils business. This is where our FREE Naming Generator tool will help out loads. Aside from the tool allowing you a quick search of domain names available for registration, you can easily plug in your business name ideas and keywords and the tool will do the work of coming up with essential oils business name suggestions or alternatives. To start you off, below is a list of industry-related keywords you can plug into the free Naming Generator for catchy essential oils business name ideas.

When you have a shortlist of about 3-6 great essential oils business name ideas, you can start to ask potential customers or people within the industry for feedback (ideally, your target market). Skip the feedback from friends and family as they are more likely to praise all your ideas due to natural bias (they love you!). Among your target audience, ask questions like: What comes to mind first when you hear the name? How would you spell it? With this feedback from your target customer, you can gain insight how the business name you want is relevant, if at all. Also, if the name represents your essential oils business as intended. Allow us to help you along in this essential oils journey with our FREE Naming Generator Tool. The perfect business name for your essential oils business will set the tone down the road of your venture for a very, very long time.


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