356 Reiki Business Name Ideas & Availability Checker 

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356 Reiki Business Name Ideas & Availability Checker

So, you’ve finally decided to turn that great idea into a legitimate Reiki Business — congratulations! You’re likely to have many to-dos on your mind right now, like creating a business plan, understanding your target audience, and deciding your marketing strategy.

However, in the midst of all these important tasks, don’t forget the most basic element — Your Business Name.

And if you’re having difficulty thinking up an awesome Reiki business name, don’t sweat. Help is available right here!

In this post, we’ll share:


356 Reiki Business Name Ideas

Feel free to use any of the Reiki business names below, just remember to plug them into our free business name generator tool to make sure they are available.

Good Hands Soul Therapist Meditation Coaching The Modern Holistic
Spartan Fitness Innovative Holistic Soul Therapy Spiritual Health
Holistic Healer Soul Therapist Palm Healing Inner Tranquility
The Reiki Pro The Palm Healers Chakra Healing Inner Peace
Positive Vibes Pure Bliss Awaken Healthy Reikiintensity
Stress Less with Tess Reikimania Hands on Remedies Mix Yoga
Health Reikistruction Say No to Stress Reiki by Eric Reiking In Health
Power Rangers Healing Attunemently Soul Healing Lock & Rei-ki
MegaRelaxation Energiconic Spirit Healing For Chakra Value
StressBuster Joe the Energy Healer Bambi’s Reiki Hold Still Healers
Blue Bliss Heal Quickly With Neal Cali Palm Healing Reikintensity
RadianceHut Health Ceremonials The Spirit Heals Holy Fire Healers
Susan’s Light Healing Spiritual Light Health Radiant Peace Center Stress Relief Reiki
Utah Energy Wellness Immune Health Services The Reiki Champion Lightly Healed
Mount Karuma Harmony Aura Wonders The Chakra Center Empowering Remedy
Peach State Holistics Positive Vibes Group Awakened Energy Hub The Chakra Group
Japanese Healing Place Oregon Reiki Center Maine Reiki Center Trusted Reiki
Long Journey Wellness Peaceful Healers Stress Removing Remedies Restorative Relaxation
Morning Light Reiki Hike to Healing Awaken Healthy Delightful Healers
Pray Me Healed First Choice Reiki Japanese Healing Center The Reiki Train
Long Journey Wellness Quick Healing Natural Touch Reiki Heal Naturally
Harmoneace Harmony & Peace Healers Club Chakling
Energiconic Restoring Reiki Helathful Helpers Chakra Clearance
Visceral Vitality Improvement Inferno Radiance Restored MegaRelaxation
GokaiSansho Soul Wave


Temple Bliss Inspire Daily
Divine Aura Beautiful Petals Come Calm Loving Buddha
Spiritual Buddies Calm Minds Uptown Zing Heaven Birds
Intense Joy Cosmic Waves Elite Waves Changes Life
Super Galatic Spiritual Guru Indigo Love Meditate Yourself
Celesta Life Avalon Space Up Espirited Earthy Delites
Free Spirits Spiritual Secrets Free Selfs Nature’s Nest
Spirit Acharya Affection Curves Love Yourself Rise Edge
Natural Therapies Energy Therapies Heart spaces Living Birds
Platinum Healing Free love Stress Remedy Living well
Primal Nurse Aurora Coaching Meditation Coaching Mix Yoga
Pegion Pray Tranquillity admirers Casa Unicorn Spartan fitness
Blue Bliss Peace admirers We Believe you Good hands
Spirit Network Chakra Guys Mind Beauty Soul Therapist
Blessing Jars Shield Yourself Go Relaxed Positive Vibes
Essential Peace Cleanse Yourself Spiritual Lives Discover Yourself
WE Nurse Live Beautifully Spiritual Splash Happy People
Massage your mind Little Lotus Antrix Eyes Cosmic alignments
Ancient Masters Spiritual Retrend Revolution You Detoxify you
Nature Zings Bless yourself Dev Spiritual Awaken Yourself
Purple Sense Enlightenment Hippies Mother Yoga Inspire Zest
Solace Palace Bit Spiritual Mid East Bliss  

Owl Awakening

Lakshmi’s Lair Awakened Auras The Blissful hands Red Mercurian
Spiritual academy On The Whole Every Part Counts Each And Every Part
Healing unit Welcomed Well Being Bounty Of Well Being Inclusive Attention
Violet Spirituality Inclusive Treatment Imperative Inclusion Total Treatment
Total Body = Total Mind Holistic Health Holistic Help Helping The Whole
Whole Soul Whole Soul Help Whole Soul Health Wholeness Of Heart
Whole Treatment Mental And Social Solutions Social Solutions Whole Body Health
Inside And Out Inner And Outer Whole Human Healthcare Circular Health
Holy Holistic Health Holistic Happiness Harbor Health Health On The Whole
Comprehensive Health In And Out Health Full Body Boost More Than A Body
New Horizons In Health Healthy Horizons Holistic Horizons Honored Holistic
Holistic Lessons Holistic Hands Holistic Approach Hands On Holistic
Holistic Studies Holistic Lifestyles Whole Hearted Holistic Humans As A Whole
Mystic Holistic Holistic Homemaker The Modern Holistic Holistic Medicine
New Age Holistic Wholesome Holistic Holistic Solutions Quality Holistic Co.
The New Holistic Rosewood Holistic Hillside Holistic Holistic Herbs
Alternative Holistic The Holistic Hippie Hipster Holistic Indie Holistic
Innovative Holistic Quality Alternative Medicine Omega Holistic Gold Medal Holistic
Rose Gold Holistic The Holistic Guru Gentle Holistic Holistic Hero
At Home Holistic Holistic For All Intro To Holistic Hometown Holistic
Homegrown Holistic The New Age Alternative Back To The Basics Holistic Medicine Spiritual Holistic
Soulful Holistic Mind And Body Holistic The Holistic Mind Holistic Lifestyle
The Art Of Holistic Medicine Holistic Science Holistic Healing Holistic Hands
The Holistic Healer The Holistic Doctor Heaven Holistic Karma Holistic
Clear Water Holistic Clear The Mind Holistic Holistic Wave Born Again Holistic
Riverside Holistic Beyond the Body Surreal Expectations At the Supercell Level
Integrative Holistic Care All Inclusive Health & Wellness Comprehensive Health & Wellness Unified Health Services
The Global Individual Mind & Body Medicine Absolute Wellness The Whole Approach
The Holistic Method Quest for the Best The Exhaustive Doctor In Harmony
An Uncommon Approach A Life Continuum The Full Spectrum The Holistic Model
The Whole 7 Your Best Self Sacred Souls The Essence of Health
Body Mind & Psyche Vital Force The Levels of Conscious Inside Out Health
The Sentient Doctor The Holistic Index A New Philosophy 5-Factor Health Care
Your Inner Physician Alternative Angles Enchanted Connections Harmony Healthcare Services
Crystal Connection Metaphysical Wellness Psyche-Inspired Therapies The Layered Sanctuary
Body Mediations Body Mind Rewind Inner Vitality Harmony Health Practices
Fresh Perspectives Health Care A Holistic Framework Your Inner Globe Zenify
Zentality Come Alive Ignite Health Services Hollister Gallery
Vintage Agencies Homemade Hollisters Royal View Wellness Hollisters
Sport Panorama Glowing Portrait Adhesive Well-Being Well Brio
Dexterious Planners The Exclusive Love Crib Planned Work
Well Stunner Posterous Events Memorabilia The Hollisters
Portrait World Irocky Plans Frugal Hoolistype Comic Hollistic

Find a Reiki Business Name Idea Above That You Like? Put it in Our Naming Tool to Check Availability

10 Reiki Business Name Brainstorming Keyword Ideas

Can’t decide which keywords to run through our Free Business Name Generator to get cool Reiki business name ideas?

No problem. You can count on our help.

Here are 12 keywords that you can enter in our name generator tool to get plenty of awesome ideas.

  • Reiki
  • Healing
  • Holistic Healing
  • Inner Peace
  • Inner Tranquility
  • Palm Healing
  • Heal Naturally
  • Chakra Healing
  • Spirit Healing
  • Stress Healer
  • Soul Therapy
  • Spiritual Health

How to Pick a Memorable Reiki Business Name Idea

If you are looking for jeans, which of the following two brand names are you more likely to remember — Dead Thread Jeans or Buffalo Blvd. Western Wear?

Probably, the first one. Because it’s short, sweet, and memorable.

In a way, a Reiki business is not so different from a retail product. Your brand name is the face of your business and should be one that people can remember easily.

If you’re having difficulty coming up with a great brand name for your Reiki business, don’t worry. We’ve got your back. Shared below are 6 top tips to pick a catchy Reiki business name idea.

If you’ve already thought of something sweet and catchy, well done! But don’t forget to run the chosen name through our FREE Naming Generator to know whether it’s available.

If the name is available, our tool will help you secure the domain at the lowest price possible from some of the biggest, most trusted hosting companies, while qualifying you for our bonus bundle. If the name you want is already taken up, NamingGenerator.com will throw up many closely-related ideas that are available.

6 Tips to Pick a Catchy Reiki Business Name Idea

When it comes to branding, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Every business is different, and often so should be their naming strategy. Here are some naming strategies to help you find a brand name that works for you.

  1. Strong First Impression

Your brand name is your first impression on customers, and you better make it a good one. To do that, think about how you would want to come across to customers right off the bat.

Are you a fun, modern Reiki healer? Are you a trustworthy, reliable pillar?

If you are the latter, names such as the following may suit your brand perfectly:

  • Holistic Healer
  • Good Hands
  • Soul Therapist
  • Meditation Coaching
  • Whole Treatment

On the other hand, if you belong to the first group, these names may be right up your alley:

  • Reiki Nerds
  • Enlightenment Hippies
  • Nature Zings
  • Zenify
  • Spartan Fitness


  1. Appeal to people’s emotions

Want a brand name that helps you connect to your audience? If so, appeal to their emotions. As a Reiki healer, you may want a brand name that reassures customers that you will take good care of them.

Here are examples of some emotional brand name ideas for a Reiki business:

  • Meditation Coaching
  • Good Hands
  • Soul Therapist
  • The Reiki Pro
  • The Palm Healers


  1. Simple to Remember

The human mind is not very good at remembering names. That’s because the brain keeps names in its short-term or working memory only. Because we often juggle too many things at once, our working memory fails to monitor everything and we forget things.

That begs the question: How can you come with a brand name that challenges the mind’s easy-in, easy-out tendency?

The answer is by pairing the name to a sensation or feeling. Here are some Reiki business name ideas that do that with great success:

  • Awaken Healthy
  • Inner Peace
  • Positive Vibes
  • Pure Bliss
  • Soul Healing


  1. Be Witty

Catchy, witty names grab one’s attention and stick in the mind. However, there’s a thin line between being witty and being silly. So, don’t overdo it.

Here are some examples of catchy Reiki business name ideas:

  • Stress Less with Tess
  • Reikimania
  • Hands on Remedies
  • Health Reikistruction (a play on word reconstruction)
  • Power Rangers Healing


  1. Short and Sweet

Often, a one-word brand name can be more powerful and engaging. Carefully consider the value your brand offers and brainstorm synonyms or adjectives that best describe your business. For instance, as a Reiki healer, you may want to ask how you would define what you are offering in one word.

Here are some examples to help you unleash your creativity:

  • MegaRelaxation
  • RadianceHut
  • StressBuster
  • Attunemently
  • Energiconic
  • Reikiintensity


  1. Be Descriptive

Some names don’t mean a thing, yet they are on everybody’s lips. Think Google, Yahoo, or Uber. However, if you are a Reiki practitioner, picking a meaningless yet memorable name— like Zabang — may not work for you. On the other hand, a descriptive name sounds like a good idea because it communicates purpose and dictates face-value perceptions.

Here are some examples of descriptive Reiki business name ideas to get you thinking:

  • Susan’s Light Healing
  • Heal Quickly With Neal
  • Joe the Energy Healer
  • Reiki by Eric
  • Bambi’s Reiki
  • Cali Palm Healing
  • Utah Energy Wellness
  • Mount Karuma Harmony
  • Long Journey Wellness
  • Japanese Healing Place
  • Peach State Holistics







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