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Lipstick Business Name Ideas & Naming Guide – Complete With Availability Check

There you stand now — the eager entrepreneur at the threshold of your first project. You’ve selected a niche (Your Own Lipstick Brand) you know it like the back of your hand, come up with a cool marketing strategy, and even got cash in the pocket.

But there’s one thing that you still haven’t been able to figure out — Your Business Name.

Don’t worry, though. We have you covered.

By the end of this post, you will know exactly how to come up with an awesome name for your lipstick business.

This guide will give you:

  • 500 Lipstick Business Name Ideas
  • 12 Brainstorming Lipstick Business Name Ideas
  • 8 Tips To Come Up with a Catchy Lipstick Business Name

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500 Lipstick Business Name Ideas

To help you launch your dream lipstick business, we have created a list of 500 catchy, memorable, and relevant business names.

Check any of these name ideas intantly with our Name Generator Tool

Lip Locks Lip Plump Lip Plumper Luscious Lips
Lip Love Lovely Lips Lip Impact Kissable Lips
Chic Lips Lover’s Lips Lipstick Queen Sweet Lips
Camera Ready Lips Color Magic Lipstick Diamond Lipstick Sparkle Lips
Lipstick Citadel Lipististic Lipstick Acquire Lipstick Strategy
Let Go Lips Lined Lips Long Lost Lips Lippy Love
Moisture Maven Lippy Love Let Lips Loose Lip Lust
On The Lips Loving Lips Tight Lipped Lip Kind
Beautiful Lips Lip Care Cosmetic Lips Lipiscious
Lipstick Tricks Top Pick Lipstick Lipstick Pros Smudge-Free Lips
Rosegold Lips Limelight Shine Bright Boldyou
Queen Lipstick Oh Lala Lady Smoke and Mirrors Sweetie Pie Lips
Lip Pro Lipbabe Lush Lips Poised Lipstick
Angel Sweet Whispers Lipstick Rulebreaker Princess Lips
Lip2Lip Come Alive Lipstick SexySweetLips Exquisite Lips
Love+Light Lipstick Pretty Pouts Royalty Nightout Pout
Beautix Lips Lip Sync Liply Lip Bar
Lip Spot Lips Station Lip Love Sealer
LipRed True Color Color Coded Lip Bliss
Lip Adore Lip Factory Lip FX Lip Fix
Colorix Color Coded LipLounge Color Vision
Bold Colors Bold and Beautiful Shade Me In Shade Grenade
Always Color Lip Fresh Lend Me Some Color Pick a Shade
What’s Your Shade Made in The Shade Lip Lab Play With Shade
Playful Lips Lip Play Kiss of Life Kissable Lips
Blow A Kiss Soul Kiss Kiss Me Quick Kiss and Makeup
Fierce Lips LipTouch Gloss Lipsy
Sweet Gloss The Pout Alluring Lips The Allure
Kissiness Lovely Pecks The Shine Lip Candy
Oh Lips Lip Craves Spark & Shine Spruce Up
Creamie Petals Peach Juicy Lips
Tempting Lips Lip Temptation Caramel Choice
Spice The Pull Get Glammed Final Touches
Unleash Your Lips Glamorous Lips Your Pick Lipstick Lusciousable
Luscious Lips Top Pick Lips Smudge-Free Lips! Full Body Lipstick
Layer On Lipstick Lipstick Tricks Naughty Lips Layers Of Lipstick
Smart Lips Lip Smart Lipstick Reliance Lipstick Asset
Lipstick Liquid Lipistable Lipistya Lips & Skin Care
Juice Beauty Moody Sisters Bliss Red Apple Lipstick
Red Apple Lip Care Admire Lip LipRedglam Add Glam
Real Lip Sunray Lipstick Pulse Red Oceanic Lipstick
Jam Beauty Level Lipstick Phantom Beauty RedbladRip
Vertex Lip Reload Beauty Stealth Red Piper Beauty
Decision Lip Playground Lipstick Iconic Lips Iconic Lipstick
Oceanic Lipstick Bold Lip Easyglammies Edge Glam
Yum Glam Glam Vine Diligent Glam Trade Beauty
Beauty Collect Grain Beauty Modular Lipstick Lip-&-Tell
Conventional Beauty Modern Beauty Lambda Red Bold Red
Bright & Bold Bold & Bright Ageless Red Bomb Lip
Reload Beauty Tangent Lipstick Concept Red NewCastle Glam
PurePlay Lipsticks Pure Lips LipSense Lippy
Jucy Lucy Lively Misty Pinky Wave Miss Maria
Maria Maria Fluent Lipstick LipstickDream Oak Petals
MYX Lipstick Lipstills Shadofy Magnetix
Urban Lips Urban Colors Urban Shades Color Secrets
BeautyBees Oporium Nexus Colors Liplex Color
Steep Lips Pathfinder Red Edge Glam Approach Beauty
Capricorn Beauty LipsInRed Complex Lip Fever Red
Port Beauty Red Squared glaMusk glamQuestGroup
Indo Lip Acumen Glam Story Glam Dainty Beauty
Fit Beauty Enjoy Beauty Void Glam Footprint Glam
Thief Red Lipstick Inn All About Lips Mammoth Beauty
Lip Stamp (63) Bliss Lipistick Break Lipstick Monarch Red
Tint Red Lip Sheet Invest Beauty HowTo Glam
Sideline Lipstick Amble Beauty RedLipglams Awry Lips
LipStick-glams Red Import DaVinci Red Triad Lipsticks
Beauty Focus Red SmartChoice Beauty Logic Lip
How Glam Advanced Red Sideline Lipstick Release Lips
Immediate Lipstick Glam Foremost Beauty Strike Glam
Beauty Agile Image Lip NorthCountry Glam Excel Beauty
Aspire Glam Modish Beauty Lip Buster Lip Connections
Saga Red Junkie Lip PureWater Lip Village Lipstick
Allure Glam LipRedbeautiks Sonic Lip Asterisk Lipstick
Cupid Beauty Engineering Beauty Lip Trader Beauty Status
Bargain Beauty Fumes Glam Wish Lip Virtuoso Lipstick
Max Beauty Foster Beauty GetLipStickglam kiftwisp
Prosper Lipstick Flamingo Red glam-LipStick Quipo Glam
Glam Galore RedBeautychau Quipo Glam Lip Men
Action Beauty Red Pool glamConsulting Island Beauty
Coastline Lip Balaclava Lip gLamborRed glaBeautyup
Dreamer Glam Lip Destination Shoestring Lipstick sIllipStick
Result Red Boltglam liFredglam Red Sense
Course Glam Hollow Lip Beauty Bad Glam Cougar
Union Red Red Addicts truLipStick Surge Red
Double Glam glaMaps Union Red Simulation Lipstick
Lasting Lip truLipStick Carbon Lipstick Sheer Lip
Mini Red SurfSide Lip Lipstick Wall Roads Glam
Beauty Envy Accept Glam PerfectPredglam Dynamite Beauty
Encompass Red Direct Lipstick Tranquil Lipstick Beauty Chain
Forge Lip Superhero Lipstick City Beauty Proto Glam
Purple Beauty Purple Shade Purple Color Color Purple
TrueBlue Red glArglamoSuite Blue Purple Club Lip
Emperor Beauty Sprout Lipstick Preview Beauty eglamio
Appalachian Glam Guaranteed Beauty Beauty Hall Lipstick Stuff
Sensuous Lips Serendipity Beauty Lipstick Wise Proud Lips
Lip-O-Sensual Blackwell Beauty Southern Lip Glam Talk
Download Glam Glam Solutions RingLipStick Distortion Red
Covert Lip Glam ify GenBeautyglam Tested Lip
Beauty Ticket Groove Glam Red Coaching Beauty Favorite
Nifty Glam Un Lip Lip Repair TrueLips
True Lips LipsTrue OnTheGo Lipstick Lipstick Trip
Lipstick Girls Vitamin Lipstick Lipstick Promo Security Lipstick
Lipstick Culture Above Lipstick Lipstick Relief Lipstick Kite
Lipstick Capitol Lipstick Relief Riviera Lipstick Stock Lipstick
Drop Lipstick Together Lipstick Hurricane Lipstick Sensible Lipstick
Lipstick Cove NewHope Lipstick Pod Lipstick Lipstick Manager
Intelligent Lipstick Lipstick Little Bio Glam Renewable Red
Upstate Glam Critters Lip Dial Lipstick Impressive Beauty
NorthAmerican Lipstick Edgy Red glamLipSticks Beautyglamstik
Fetch Glam RedLipin Streetlinp glamkLipstjex
Perfection Beauty GreenLeaf Lip Deluxe Glam EastCoast Red
Alliance Lip NoLimit Beauty gEnglamStick lLipStickglam
Redlada Lip Trader GetLipStickglam Beauty Agile
LipRoll Lip&Roll LipFashion Fashionable Lips
Faishon Lips Sexysweet Lips Come Alive Lipstick Flowerbeds
Rulebreaker Bite Me Lipstick LipBite Lips Bite
Angel LipSecrets Sweet Whispers Lipstick Lip Whispers
Rosebud Rulebreaker Sealed Floating
Unafraid of Shade Soulful Kiss Soul Lips Soulful Lips
WonderLust Lustful Lips Cavalcade of Shade Gimme Color
LipLust Citrus Rays Springs
Caramel Cream Dawn Sun Light
Sunny Lips Hued Bold You New You
Lip Girl Lip Babe Lost-in-Lips Lavender Lips
Let Lips Loose Final Touches Lipply Love Longed Lips


(And Get More Ideas With Our Free Business Name Generator)

great purple lipstick on a model

Lipstick Business Name Brainstorming Ideas

Can’t decide which keywords to use in our Free Business Name Generator to get more awesome ideas?

That’s OK. We’ve got your back.

Here is a list of 10 keywords specific to the lipstick industry to put in the name generator tool to get tons of cool ideas.

  • Lipstick
  • Lips
  • Looks
  • Ruby Woo
  • Black Honey
  • Lipstick Shades
  • Spice
  • Lady Danger
  • Fire and Ice
  • Beauty
  • Face
  • Lip Pencil

Start Your BrainStorming Now

How to Pick A Catchy Lipstick Business Name?

A good business name is paramount for any startup. A clear, powerful business name can help your branding and marketing efforts, while an improper name can make it harder for you to connect with your customers.

That begs the question — what exactly makes a business name good?

A great business name, ideally speaking, should be:

  • Descriptive
  • Catchy
  • Memorable

Shared ahead are 8 helpful tips to help you come up with a great name for your startup.

Just one thing — don’t forget to run the selected name through our FREE Naming Generator to know whether it’s available. If it is, our tool will allow you to quickly secure the domain at the most attractive price from top hosting companies and get an awesome bonus bundle from us. If it isn’t, don’t lose heart. Our tool will provide a list of closely-related ideas that are up for grabs.

pretty-girl-red lipstick

8 Tips to Pick a Catchy Lipstick Business Name

  1. Use easy-to-spell names

The last thing you would want is to make it harder for your customers to remember your business name and find you online. So take the cue and keep your business name short and simple.

Inappropriate – Lipzzdazzled

Appropriate – Dazzling Lips

  1. Make sure the name is not too narrow

Imagine what would have happened if Jeff Bezos had named his company “BooksOnline” in place of “Amazon”?

Jeff Bezos started with selling books online, so it’s not like the first name would have been inappropriate. However, he played it smart and picked a name that was not limiting.

If this tip worked for Jeff Bezos, it will work for you as well. So avoid picking a name that could be limiting when your company grows.

For instance, if you eventually plan to sell the whole range of cosmetic products, rather than picking a brand name like “Purple Lips,” you may want to select a business name along the lines of “Sugar Cosmetics.”

  1. Pick the .com domain

There are tons of domain extensions out there, but customers still tend to hold “.com” names in the highest regard. Most customers associate a .com brand name with a more reputable and established business, and therefore, you should try to go with a .com domain.

  1. Pick a name which conveys something

Ideally, your business name should convey something meaningful and describe what you do. A case in point is a business name such as “OnlineTickets.com.” The moment you hear it, you know what the company is all about.

However, unrelated business names, as long as they are catchy and memorable, can be just as effective. For example, meaningless names such as “Yahoo,” “Google,” or “Zappos” have a lot of appeal, thanks to their catchiness.

  1. Ensure the selected name sounds great when spoken aloud

Sometimes a name seems catchy on paper but sounds awful when you say it. Also, make sure people don’t get confused as to how it is spelled.

  1. Get Feedback

Pick 5 to 10 names instead of just one and then run them by family members, friends, and social media fans. Also, consider getting feedback from the target audience.

Lastly, don’t pick a name with a negative connotation. For instance, years back GM named one of its new models “Nova” without realizing the word in Spanish means “doesn’t go.” To be successful, it’s important your business creates positive associations with its consumers. Therefore, make sure your business name evokes positive mental associations when spoken aloud.

  1. The name should not lend itself to abbreviations

In case you pick a long, descriptive name, people will inevitably shorten it. Okay, we understand this worked for AT&T and IBM, but how much branding budget you have?

  1. Unique within your industry

Your business name doesn’t have to be clunky or weird, but it should be unique within its industry, and not sound like a direct competitor’s name. For instance, if a competitor’s name is “Lip Love,” picking a business name “Lip&Love” is a no-no.

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