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368 Photography Business Name Ideas & Availability Check

Photography Business Name Guide – Ideas & Availability

You have a great idea for your own photography business. Maybe you’ve started drafting a business plan. You already have a firm knowledge of what your target customer base is going to be and a fantastic location. You’re ready to take off.

Well, almost. The only thing missing? …

Your Business Name.

A great business name should encompass the “feeling” of your brand. In a word (or few), your business name conveys what your business is about; its vision; its purpose. At the very least, your business name should be catchy – and memorable.

In this article, we will give you 368 great name ideas for a photography business. Moreover, we will talk about several techniques on how to conceptualize a catchy business name of your own which is more personal and expressive of your mission, vision, purpose, or your stand-out personality.

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368 Photography Business Name Ideas

To kick-start your dream photography business, we’ve drawn up a list of our suggestions for a great business name. We tried to keep each business name suggestion catchy, essential, and memorable.


A Thousand Words .jpg Exchange Autofocus
Adaptation All the Colors Autotypy
Backdrop Bonus Amazing Images Beholder
Best Light Art Attack Best Angle
Best Shots Artistic Development Camera Roll
Bitmap Avant Garde Cinematic Captures
Capture Class Black and White Best Cinematograph
ClickSnap Camera Craft Color Models
Color Wheel Camera Obscura Colors Unlimited
Contact Print Camerawork Copy Right Pictures
DePict Collage Collaborator Dancing Lights
Epic Portraits Color Collaborators Depiction Studios
Exhibit A Contact Prints Digital Zoom
Film Farm Darkroom Documentarist
Filmwise Photography Digital Dimensions En Plein Air Photography
Hot Shot Photography Film Scientist Event Specialists
Hot Shots Fine Focus Film Strip
Hue Man Great Lens Filmcraft
Iconic Handcolour Filmy
Image Pro Illustrated Unlimited Filter Feels
Isn’t it Chromatic Image Machine Final Cut
Keepsake Creators Image Plus Freeze Frame
Landscape Photography Latent Image Gallery Guru
Mirror Mirror on the Wall Light Sensitive Graphic Specialist
Monochrome Maximum Exposure Illustrator International
Montage Mind’s Eye Intermedia
Natural Light Photigraphy Montage Lens Reflex
Panoramic Life Montage Specialists Magnify
Panoramic View Mosaic Best Memorable Expression
Perfect Figures Noir Optical Zoom
Phtography Spot Paint Me a Picture Painture
Picturely Photogram Pellicle Studio
Picturesque Photographic Memories Photofinisher
Pixel Picks Photorealism Photosensitivity
Polychrome Stop Picture Science Pixel Positive
Prime Photography Portrait Pro Poetry of Motion
Shutterspace Power Filter Pictures Powder Method
Shutterspeed Printmaker Prism Pictures
Sketch Artist Selfie Studios Rangefinder
Smile Factory Shutterbug Studios Say Cheese
Snap Up Photography Spyglass Scene Collectiion
Snapshot Stained Glass Sensory Shop
Solarize Surrealist Strike a Pose
Still Lfe Team Tripod Symmetry
Story Masters The Lensman The Printmaker
Technique The Pictorialist Thumbnail
Touch Print True Colors Photography Touch Up Photography
Visualeyes View Bank Transmittance Photography
Wide Angle Studios Visual Concepts Vid Captain
YourName Photography YourName Studios Visual Communication Pros
All About Life Auto Focus Ala Carte Photography
Aperture Awesome Stills Aphrodite Studios
Artist Central Baby Love Photography Best Days Photography
Auto Zoom Big Picture Best Wishes Photography
Beauty Mark Camera Crew Best You Photography
Blink Camera Gods By the Moonlight Photography
Candid Moments Camera Lucida Carbon Copy
Color Wheel Camerawork Cutting Edge
Compositry Clear Prints Eagle Eye Photography
Descriptive Science Creative Shots Eastern Photography
Double Exposure Dance All Night Pictures Eye for Detail Photography
Dynamic Pictures East Coast Photography Four Seasons Photography Services
Envision Electric Eye High Beam Photography
Fine Art Photography Focal Point High Tech Studios
Flythrough Photography Frame Masters Image Pros
Frame of Mind Image Magic Inspired Photography
Full Spectrum Image Plus Inspired Photos
Green Screen Photography Junior Photos Jump Shot Studios
Headshot Pros Light Catchers Morning Light Photography
Hot Flashes Light Magic My First Picture
Illustrate to Innovate Light Meter New Generation Photography
Image Tank Mom ‘n Pop Photo New You Photo Services
Imagen Ocular Experts Northern Lights Studios
Immortalize It Optima Northern Photography
In Focus Photo 101 Only You Portraiture
Kinetoscope Photo Café Order Up Photography
La Photographie Photo Express Pacific Photographers
Multiple Exposure Photo Pros Passion Photography
Photo Avenue Photo Shop Perfect Smile Photography
Photo Finish Precious Moments Photo Central
Photographus Maximus Prime Subjects Photo City
Photography Partners Real Image Photo Pros
Photolandia Reportage Picture Cupids
Photophile Room with a View Picture Pros
Photos Stat Scene Showcase Pictures R Us
Pix Mix Scenic Shots Prime Photography
Silver Screen Studio ScreenShots Print Lab
Smart Clicks Photography Sepia Feels Studios Seasons Photography
Soft Focus Spectrometer Studios Sourire Photography Services
Stills Venue The Love Shack Studios Southern Photography
Stop Bath Studios The Spectrometrist Suit Up Studios
Story Board Photography The Storyteller Sunlight Studios
The Colorist Tripod Studios Sweet Inspiration
Triptych United Photography Take the Shot
Vignette Wedding Bells Photography Timeless Tokens
Visage West Coast Photography Trendsetter
Wide Shot Wide Spectrum Triple A Photography
Wink Tank YourName & Sons Photography Type A Studios
Wishcraft Zoom Lens Western Photography
Zoom In Zoom Out Winning Shot Photography
All About You Photography Photo Loco
Amazing Smiles Studios Premium Photos
Any Day Picture Studio Deluxe Photos
Artistic Smiles Studio High End Photography
Beach Bum Photography Soft Touch Studios
Beam Me Up Pictures Belle and Beau Photography
Blend In Studios Buona Fotografia
Blissful Union Studio Services Tripod Tricks
Bright Lights Photography Machu Picchu Pictures
Buff Works Photography Pretty in Pink
Buonasera Studios Shuttr
Burst Shots Photography Dream Team
Camera Wiz The Travelling Photographer
Candlelight Studios Wanderlust
Clicks for Tots Photography Rutilant Pictures
Clicks Unlimited Under the Sea Photography
Collage Makers Photography CHECK AVAILABILTY 
Dare to Bare Photography CHECK AVAILABILTY 
Dusk Till Dawn Photography
Extreme Action Photos
Fairy Tale Photography
Feel the Rush Photography
Firefly Photo Services
Flash Photography
Gentle Reminder Photography
Gift of Life Photo Services
Gourmet Glam Photography
Have it Your Way Photography
Hope Springs Photography Studio
Imagination Unlimited
In a Snap Studios
Love of Family Portraits
Maximum Light Photography
Memory Lane
Pawsome Prints
Pets Unlimited Photography
Photo Jungle
Photo Market
Photobook Specialists
Pixel Art
Point N Shoot
Pro Lens
Snappy Comeback Photography
Soft Light Photography
Sparkle & Shine
Stage Masters Studio
Surf’s Up Photography
Tea Lights Photography
Timeless Photographs
Treasure Chest Picture Studio

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So, you’ve decided on a business name for your photography business. Great!

The next important step is to find out if the name you want is likewise available for registration as a domain name.

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If the business name you want is not available as a domain name, will give you a lot of closely-related alternative ideas that are available.

How Do I Come Up with a Catchy Photography Business Name?

A good business name is not only catchy and quick to recall, but more importantly, embodies the essence of your brand. It is also a constant reminder for your team members about what you stand for and why you do what you do.

Sure, you could pay naming agency thousands of dollars to find a name that’s new, trendy, memorable, relevant, and un-trademarked. But if you’re just starting out, your capital is likely allocated in other, more important priorities (such as equipment, packaging, manpower, etc.). Instead of contracting a third party to name your business, it’s possible to try to get inspired on your own. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Use your own name. It’s your business, after all. Many well-known brands use the creator’s name – like Barnes & Noble, Buick, or Bacardi.

Your Nickname. Did you know that Adolf Dassler, nicknamed “Adi”, founded one of the most recognizable sportswear brands in the universe? The name “Adidas” alone speaks volumes about the brand’s success, don’t you agree? Use your nickname as your business name for a more personal touch. Or, you may use your child’s name or nickname for a sentimental (and meaningful) touch. Just as Mercedes was named after the founder’s daughter.

Use acronyms. A lot of major companies use acronyms instead of their full names. Acronyms are quicker and easier to remember. Think AOL (America Online) or BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation.

Mash-ups. Think of two or three words that are meaningful to you and your business. Can they be combined in some way – either in pieces or in its entirety? Netflix (“internet” and “flicks”) clearly had the right idea. A name like “BreadGo” quickly indicates, in just two syllables, that you’re in the business of baked goodies to-go and/or quick order.

Use rhymes. Words that rhyme would be a catchy way to help people remember you the next time they need pictures or portraits. “Photo Loco” is cute, brief, and speaks about how pictures are your passion,

Mythology and literature. Nike is one of the most iconic brands in the global market. In Greek mythology, Nike is the goddess of victory. Likewise, other well-known companies like Oracle, Hermés, and Mars have names derived from mythology. Read up and see if there’s a mythological or literary figure that’s relevant to your venture.

Foreign words. Incorporating non-native language can make your business seem exotic… and easily-remembered, at the same time. French words pertaining to beauty; Latin words related to camera; Italian for “good photograph”, and so on…

Think of your tools. Using words that refer to your tools (such as your tripod or camera) will help even just passersby quickly understand what type of business you are in.

Geography. Get a map. Get inspired by the globe. Have you ever heard of Amazon, the internet retail giant? Well, millions have. And it happens to be named after the largest river in the world. Think: Machu Picchu. Easily, one of the most picturesque places in the world.

Mix it up. Anagram. Ambigram. Try combining numbers, a syllable of your name, a city. Take IKEA, for example: this name comes from the founder’s name, Ingvar Kamprad, and his hometown, Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. The founder’s name and hometown are all a mouthful. But everyone can say “IKEA”.

Be descriptive. When you think about your business, what are the words that would describe it best? Make a list, and visualize how these words will look in your brand logo or storefront signage. As with 7-Eleven – the name instantly tells you what’s special about their stores (they’re open from 7AM-11PM every day).

Look from a different perspective. Take an extra step back from your product or business and see if it reminds you of anything else – is it just like a mobile phone that looks like a Blackberry? Maybe your new photography studio is shaping up to be dotted with flowers or pastel colors. Why not use that in your brand name?

Stand out with spelling. Add or drop a letter, or completely change the spelling of a well-known word to make your business name catchier. Take Flickr and Tumblr, for example. Or, choose a word that’s an icon for your business and re-invent its spelling, just as how Reebok did with the word “rhebok,” an African antelope. Shuttr, why not?

What you believe in. Use your business name as a way to remind yourself (as well as your customers and your team members) what you stand for. A name like “Wanderlust” suggests that you’re a photographer who’s traveled (or travels) plenty for the most amazing pictures all over.

Pick a word from the dictionary. If none of these ideas have inspired you just yet, take a tip from Twitter and choose a random word from the dictionary. Just like today’s random word for this writer: rutilant. Defined as “shining or glowing”. Okay for a photography business, yes?

Photography Name Generator Tool Image

Other Creative Tips in Coming Up with a Catchy Business Name for Social Media

It may happen that the business name closest to your heart already exists in a different part of the globe. Unless the name itself has been trademarked or copyrighted, you have the freedom to use it. A business name that is not yet copyrighted by another entity is still usable, but you also need to think about your customers. Standing your ground in this regard may result to your customers finding their way to your competition, instead. Differentiate your business presence on social media by tweaking it a little, without totally losing your identity.

Add your geographic location. If there is someone already on social media with the same name you want, you can go ahead and use it, too (social media handles are not typically trademarked), but add “USA” or “OH” in the end.

Add your name. The first thing I thought of heavily as I was conceptualizing a micro-business of homespun treats was what I wanted to call it. I checked Google and Facebook if there already was a page with the same name. There was. But this other entity’s products were totally different, and it was in an entirely different continent. I went ahead and created my own social media page, adding my name to the end of the page’s handle.

Add the date or year. When did you start your business? What year were you born? What is your favorite holiday?

Add the type of business. Just like in my earlier story, I found a same-named page on Facebook. But it was individual manufacturing housewares and home-hacks. I simply added “Bakery” to mine.

Does My Website Name Need to be the Same as My Business Name?

It’s simple: you want people to be able to type in your business name and land on your website. This was no problem years ago – but today’s business owners have faced a bigger challenge. With more than 200 million domain names already registered, it is not so easy to secure a dot-com domain name that matches your new business’s name to the letter.

While matching one’s business name to the corresponding domain name was, once upon a time, believed to be non-negotiable, this is no longer set in stone nowadays. Experts have agreed that a good domain name is short – seven characters long or, ideally, fewer. If the goal of your website is to generate search traffic, then keywords are critical more than an exact match. However, if your website’s goal is to simply have an online presence for your customers’ convenience, then a domain name that matches closely with your company name could be more effective.

In other words, an exact-match domain name helps you get found by search engines, instead of losing your potential customers to the competition. But if your business is largely transacted offline, then you have more legroom if an exact-match domain name is no longer an option. Many physical store-based businesses (like gyms, restaurants, hotels, and others) include their geographic location in their domain names. You may consider if you’re in San Francisco or if you’re in California. Doing so also helps your search engine visibility as many people typically search for retail outlets, hotels, and the like that are nearby.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a domain name that’s more brand-based, the first question you need to ask yourself is this: what works best for your customers? What could meaningfully embody your business’ identity and will, at the same time, stay top-of-mind among your target customer set? Go with a long or short domain name – what’s important is it’s memorable, relevant, easy to spell or type, professional, and expresses your individuality.

Broadly, once you’ve chosen the perfect business name for your venture, it’s time to stay on high gear. First of all, go check if your chosen business name is available to register as a domain name. Match it to a T or brand it – just make sure you don’t have the same business name as your competitor/s. Next, set up an Instagram, Facebook, or other social media handle. You might even think about applying for a trademark down the road.

The first place you can go to find out about your choice domain name’s availability is with our FREE Naming Generator that will allow you to quickly search the availability of your preferred domain name. If what you want is available for registration, it will assist you in quickly securing the domain at the best possible price from some of the most trusted companies in the industry. If not, this tool will offer free domain name suggestions, using your own ideas and your keywords. More than that, the tool will show great leads for domain registrars and web hosting providers.

How Important is it to Match Your Company Name with Your Domain Name?