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500 Landscaping Business Name Ideas & Availability Checker

500 Landscaping Business Name Ideas

Your landscaping business name is one of your brand’s most important assets. It is how your customers remember you and connect with you.

A good business name makes it easier to build your brand image. So pick your brand name carefully. If you’re finding it tough to craft a great name for your new landscaping business, this guide is all you need.

It shows you:

  • 500 catchy landscaping business names
  • Step-by-step process to come up with a memorable brand name

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500 Awesome Landscaping Business Names

You can use any of these names, but do remember to first put in our Business Name Generator to check if it’s available.

  1. Lawn Connections – Check Availability
  2. Lawn World – Check Availability
  3. Lawnstarter – Check Availability
  4. Mainscape – Check Availability
  5. Morning Dew – Check Availability
  6. Natural Lawn of America – Check Availability
  7. Naturescape – Check Availability
  8. New Horizon Landscaping – Check Availability
  9. On the Spot Lawn Care – Check Availability
  10. Pretty Good Gardens – Check Availability
  11. Prime Cuts – Check Availability
  12. Pure Solutions – Check Availability
  13. Restoring Roots – Check Availability
  14. Seasons West – Check Availability
  15. Superior Lawn Care – Check Availability
  16. The City Lawn – Check Availability
  17. The Cutting Edge – Check Availability
  18. The Yard Butler – Check Availability
  19. Turf Masters – Check Availability
  20. Turf Program – Check Availability
  21. Wiles Outdoors – Check Availability
  22. Yard Smart – Check Availability
  23. Yardman Lawn Care – Check Availability
  24. A Cut Above – Check Availability
  25. Above All Lawn Care – Check Availability
  26. Accurate Lawn Leveling – Check Availability
  27. A to Z Lawn Care – Check Availability
  28. Above & Beyond – Check Availability
  29. Ace Lawn Care – Check Availability
  30. All Natural Landscape – Check Availability
  31. Best Turf – Check Availability
  32. Blue Irrigation – Check Availability
  33. Cedar Lawn Care – Check Availability
  34. Clean Cut Lawns – Check Availability
  35. Cutting Edge Landscape – Check Availability
  36. Dirty Girl Landscape – Check Availability
  37. Ecoscape Solutions Group – Check Availability
  38. Elegant Lawn Services – Check Availability
  39. Exterior Spaces – Check Availability
  40. Gnome Landscapes – Check Availability
  41. Grass King – Check Availability
  42. Green Grass Pros – Check Availability
  43. Greenways – Check Availability
  44. Ground Control – Check Availability
  45. House to House – Check Availability
  46. Huntergreen – Check Availability
  47. Just Right Lawns – Check Availability
  48. Landshapes – Check Availability
  49. Landworks Studio – Check Availability
  50. Lawn Care Edge – Check Availability
  51. All in the Family Lawn – Check Availability
  52. Aspen Creek Landscaping – Check Availability
  53. Best Buds – Check Availability
  54. Blades of Grass Lawn Care – Check Availability
  55. Blooms Landcare – Check Availability
  56. Bright View Landscape – Check Availability
  57. Lawns Unlimited – Check Availability
  58. Lucky Lawn Service – Check Availability
  59. Majestic Lawn Care – Check Availability
  60. Morales Landscaping – Check Availability
  61. Natural Lawn & Garden – Check Availability
  62. Nature by Design – Check Availability
  63. New Eco Landscapes – Check Availability
  64. Off Shoots – Check Availability
  65. Plant Life Designs – Check Availability
  66. Price Landscaping – Check Availability
  67. Priority Lawn Services – Check Availability
  68. Pure Solutions – Check Availability
  69. Red Dirt Landscaping – Check Availability
  70. Sandpiper Gardens – Check Availability
  71. Sharp Lawn – Check Availability
  72. Signature Landscapes – Check Availability
  73. Summit Lawn Care – Check Availability
  74. Sundial Gardening – Check Availability
  75. The Garden Kingdom – Check Availability
  76. The Grounds Guys – Check Availability
  77. The Lawn Rangers – Check Availability
  78. The Yard Post – Check Availability
  79. Turf Pro Solutions – Check Availability
  80. Turf Specialties Lawn Care – Check Availability
  81. Turf Terminators – Check Availability
  82. Turfmasters Lawncare – Check Availability
  83. Turner’s Landscaping – Check Availability
  84. Flores Landscaping – Check Availability
  85. Fresh Cut Lawn Service – Check Availability
  86. Gary’s Greenery – Check Availability
  87. Gothic Grounds Management – Check Availability
  88. Grass Master Lawn Care – Check Availability
  89. Green Earth Landscapes – Check Availability
  90. Green Legacy Landscape – Check Availability
  91. Greenleaf Landscaping – Check Availability
  92. Groundworks Landscape – Check Availability
  93. Handy Randy Lawn Care – Check Availability
  94. Hazeltine Nurseries – Check Availability
  95. Horticulture Unlimited – Check Availability
  96. King’s Gardening Services – Check Availability
  97. Landscape Gardeners – Check Availability
  98. Landscapes USA – Check Availability
  99. Lawn Patrol Service – Check Availability
  100. Lawrence Landscaping – Check Availability
  101. Mariposa Landscapes – Check Availability
  102. Massey Services – Check Availability
  103. New Leaf Landscape – Check Availability
  104. Ongrow Lawn Care – Check Availability
  105. Pac Green Landscape – Check Availability
  106. Pacific Sunscapes – Check Availability
  107. Peach Tree – Check Availability
  108. Perez Landscaping – Check Availability
  109. Preferred Landscape Services – Check Availability
  110. Precision Lawn Care – Check Availability
  111. Pro Lawn Care Service – Check Availability
  112. Realty Landscaping Corp. – Check Availability
  113. Robinson Environmental Design – Check Availability
  114. Safari Landscapes – Check Availability
  115. Scapegoat Landscaping – Check Availability
  116. Shade Today Landscaping & Nursery – Check Availability
  117. Smart Lawn Artificial Grass – Check Availability
  118. Southern Style Lawns – Check Availability
  119. Star Landscape Design – Check Availability
  120. Straight Line Lawn Care – Check Availability
  121. Sun City Lawn Care – Check Availability
  122. Timber Ridge Landscaping – Check Availability
  123. TNT Landscaping – Check Availability
  124. Treeline Design Group – Check Availability
  125. True North Outdoor – Check Availability
  126. Ultimate Lawn Care – Check Availability
  127. Victory Lawn Care Service – Check Availability
  128. Water Wise Grass – Check Availability
  129. Watersavers Turf – Check Availability
  130. Wood’s Lawn Care – Check Availability
  131. Young Landscaping – Check Availability
  132. Agape Lawn Care – Check Availability
  133. Alpha and Omega Landscaping – Check Availability
  134. Blessing Landscapes – Check Availability
  135. Cornerstone Solutions Group – Check Availability
  136. Divine Services – Check Availability
  137. Eden Green Lawn Care – Check Availability
  138. Four Seasons Lawn Care – Check Availability
  139. Gardens of Babylon – Check Availability
  140. Kingdom Lawn Care – Check Availability
  141. King of the Lawn – Check Availability
  142. Kings County Nurseries – Check Availability
  143. Lambs Lawn Service & Landscaping – Check Availability
  144. Lion Lawn Care – Check Availability
  145. Oasis Lawn Care – Check Availability
  146. Pinnacle Landscape Company – Check Availability
  147. Trinity Lawn & Landscape – Check Availability
  148. 800 Lawn Care – Check Availability
  149. All City Lawn – Check Availability
  150. Ambius – Check Availability
  151. Apex Pest and Lawn – Check Availability
  152. Campos Landscaping – Check Availability
  153. Confluence – Check Availability
  154. Crown Hill Supply – Check Availability
  155. Designscapes – Check Availability
  156. EcoGrass – Check Availability
  157. Emerald Green – Check Availability
  158. Emerald Turf Farms – Check Availability
  159. Fairway Lawns – Check Availability
  160. Fairy Yardmother – Check Availability
  161. Farmscape – Check Availability
  162. Grazz Masters – Check Availability
  163. Green Lizard – Check Availability
  164. Greener Grass – Check Availability
  165. Greenworx – Check Availability
  166. Gro Lawn – Check Availability
  167. Classic Gardens & Lawnscape – Check Availability
  168. Common Grounds – Check Availability
  169. Curb Masters – Check Availability
  170. Custer’s Lawn Care – Check Availability
  171. Cut Right Lawns – Check Availability
  172. Dirtworks – Check Availability
  173. Easy Lawn – Check Availability
  174. Edge Landscapes – Check Availability
  175. Elite Lawn Care – Check Availability
  176. Epic Landscape – Check Availability
  177. First Cut Lawn Services – Check Availability
  178. GoGreen Lawns – Check Availability
  179. Grassroots Lawn Care – Check Availability
  180. Great Lawns – Check Availability
  181. Green Action Lawn Service – Check Availability
  182. Greenskeeper Landscape – Check Availability
  183. Gro Masters – Check Availability
  184. Growing Concern – Check Availability
  185. Homestead Landscaping – Check Availability
  186. In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes – Check Availability
  187. Innovative Tree Care – Check Availability
  188. Landscape Express – Check Availability
  189. Lawn & Order – Check Availability
  190. Lawn Care Solutions – Check Availability
  191. Lawn Doctor – Check Availability
  192. Lawn Mowing – Check Availability
  193. Lawn Universe – Check Availability
  194. Veteran Lawn Care – Check Availability
  195. Westside Landscaping – Check Availability
  196. Yard House – Check Availability
  197. Yardman Lawn Care – Check Availability
  198. Yard House – Check Availability
  199. Yellow Jacket Landscaping – Check Availability
  200. 2 Brothers Landscaping – Check Availability
  201. A&R Landscaping – Check Availability
  202. Accent Landscapes – Check Availability
  203. Advantage Lawn Care – Check Availability
  204. All American Landscape – Check Availability
  205. All American Yards – Check Availability
  206. All Season’s Lawn & Landscaping – Check Availability
  207. Allstates Landscaping – Check Availability
  208. Archer Lawn Care – Check Availability
  209. Avalon Lawn Mower – Check Availability
  210. Blade Runners – Check Availability
  211. Blue Sky Landscape – Check Availability
  212. Brook Landscape – Check Availability
  213. Budget Lawn & Maintenance – Check Availability
  214. Budget Lawn Mowing – Check Availability
  215. Chambers Lawn Service – Check Availability
  216. Clean Air Lawn Care – Check Availability
  217. Clear Creek Landscapes – Check Availability
  218. Cottonwood Landscapes – Check Availability
  219. Createscape Landscaping Services – Check Availability
  220. Discount Landscape – Check Availability
  221. Dixie Landscape – Check Availability
  222. Eco Friendly Lawn Care – Check Availability
  223. Elkhorn Lawn Care – Check Availability
  224. First Rate Lawn Services – Check Availability
  225. Frank’s Landscape – Check Availability
  226. Go Green Gardeners – Check Availability
  227. Gothic Landscape – Check Availability
  228. Grass Works Lawn Care – Check Availability
  229. Green Acres Lawn Care – Check Availability
  230. Green Image Services – Check Availability
  231. Green Thumb Lawn Care – Check Availability
  232. Greenlife Gardens – Check Availability
  233. Ground Force Landscapes – Check Availability
  234. Hard Rock Landscaping – Check Availability
  235. Horticulture Unlimited – Check Availability
  236. Hunts Landscaping – Check Availability
  237. Landscape Solutions – Check Availability
  238. Landscapes Unlimited – Check Availability
  239. Lawn Ranger Company – Check Availability
  240. Legacy Landscapes – Check Availability
  241. Lund Landscaping – Check Availability
  242. Modern Urban Design Landscaping – Check Availability
  243. Olympic Landscape – Check Availability
  244. One Source – Check Availability
  245. One Two Tree – Check Availability
  246. Parsons Rocks – Check Availability
  247. Perennial Gardens – Check Availability
  248. Perfect World Landscapes – Check Availability
  249. Picture Perfect Lawn Care – Check Availability
  250. Premier Landscape Services – Check Availability
  251. Real Solutions Landscaping – Check Availability
  252. Rivera’s Lawn Mower Shop – Check Availability
  253. Roots Landscaping – Check Availability
  254. Safari Lawn Care – Check Availability
  255. Scott’s Lawn Service – Check Availability
  256. Shoreline Landscaping – Check Availability
  257. Southern Spray – Check Availability
  258. Spring Falls Landscaping – Check Availability
  259. Sterling Landscaping – Check Availability
  260. Summerco Landscaping – Check Availability
  261. Sun Valley Landscaping – Check Availability
  262. Timberline Landscaping – Check Availability
  263. Top Choice Lawn Care – Check Availability
  264. Turf Pride Lawn Care – Check Availability
  265. Victor Landscaping Services – Check Availability
  266. VIP Lawn Care – Check Availability
  267. Western Landscape – Check Availability
  268. Wolverine Rocks and Rubber – Check Availability
  269. Young Guns Lawn Care Service – Check Availability
  270. Your Lawn My Lawn – Check Availability
  271. 1 Friendly Lawn Service – Check Availability
  272. A+ Lawn and Landscape – Check Availability
  273. AAA Quality Clean Cut – Check Availability
  274. Acres Group – Check Availability
  275. Alamo Lawns – Check Availability
  276. All American Turf Beauty – Check Availability
  277. All Pro Lawn Care – Check Availability
  278. All Seasons Gardening Services – Check Availability
  279. Anderson Landscaping – Check Availability
  280. Artisan Lawn Care – Check Availability
  281. Barbara Landscape – Check Availability
  282. Big Rock Landscaping – Check Availability
  283. Boulder Designs – Check Availability
  284. Brothers Lawn Care – Check Availability
  285. Budget Lawn Care – Check Availability
  286. Central Land Care – Check Availability
  287. CityScapes Lawn Mowing – Check Availability
  288. Clean Lawn Services – Check Availability
  289. Coyote Landscape – Check Availability
  290. Distinctive Landscaping – Check Availability
  291. Earth Design – Check Availability
  292. Eveready Lawn Service – Check Availability
  293. Finley’s Tree and Landcare – Check Availability
  294. Integra Lawns – Check Availability
  295. Landscape FX – Check Availability
  296. Landscapes by Pompeo – Check Availability
  297. Lawn & Tree – Check Availability
  298. Lawn Dogs – Check Availability
  299. Lawn Express – Check Availability
  300. Lawns Ltd. – Check Availability
  301. Lawns of Texas – Check Availability
  302. Lawns R Us – Check Availability
  303. Simple Turf – Check Availability
  304. SiteScapes – Check Availability
  305. SmartGrass – Check Availability
  306. Synscapes – Check Availability
  307. Tree Lawn Care – Check Availability
  308. Tru Green – Check Availability
  309. Tuff Turf – Check Availability
  310. Turf Pros – Check Availability
  311. TurfWorks – Check Availability
  312. Urban Worms – Check Availability
  313. US Lawns – Check Availability
  314. WeDesign – Check Availability
  315. Weed Man – Check Availability
  316. Xotx-Tropico – Check Availability
  317. 4 Seasons Painting & Landscaping – Check Availability
  318. A-1 Landscaping – Check Availability
  319. Adams Landscaping – Check Availability
  320. Advanced Lawn & Landscape – Check Availability
  321. Advanced Lawn Maintenance – Check Availability
  322. Advantage Lawn and Landscaping – Check Availability
  323. All Care Lawn Services – Check Availability
  324. Champion Lawn Care – Check Availability
  325. Coastal Landscaping and Garden Center – Check Availability
  326. Heroes Lawn and Landscape – Check Availability
  327. Highway Light and Landscape – Check Availability
  328. Home Rangers Lawn Care – Check Availability
  329. Hydropride Outdoor Solutions – Check Availability
  330. Lakeside Landscape – Check Availability
  331. Lambert Landscaping Co. – Check Availability
  332. Landmark Nursery and Landscape – Check Availability
  333. Landscape Designs – Check Availability
  334. Lonestar Lawn Maintenance – Check Availability
  335. Master’s Tree & Lawn Care – Check Availability
  336. Matrix Home Building – Check Availability
  337. MD Lawncare – Check Availability
  338. Moyer Lawncare and Landscaping – Check Availability
  339. New Way Landscape & Tree Services – Check Availability
  340. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives – Check Availability
  341. Paradise Restored Landscaping – Check Availability
  342. Parker Landscaping – Check Availability
  343. Pioneer Landscape Centers – Check Availability
  344. Platinum Landscape & Pools – Check Availability
  345. Purchase Green Artificial Grass – Check Availability
  346. Proscaping of Houston – Check Availability
  347. Rainy Day Irrigation & Landscaping – Check Availability
  348. Redwood Landscaping Service – Check Availability
  349. Rose Landscape Services – Check Availability
  350. Royal Landscaping Service – Check Availability
  351. Russell Landscape Group – Check Availability
  352. Seasonal Vision Landscape – Check Availability
  353. Smart Landscape Management – Check Availability
  354. Solano’s Tree Service & Landscaping – Check Availability
  355. Southern Scapes Nursery – Check Availability
  356. Stoneworks Landscaping – Check Availability
  357. Summit Landscaping & Garden Center – Check Availability
  358. Sunny Day Landscaping & Lawncare – Check Availability
  359. Superior Quality Lawn and Landscape – Check Availability
  360. The Other Side Lawn Care & Landscape – Check Availability
  361. Top Notch Landscaping – Check Availability
  362. Total Lawn Care Solutions – Check Availability
  363. Universal Lawn Care – Check Availability
  364. Valley Crest Landscaping Company – Check Availability
  365. Wayne’s Lawn Service – Check Availability
  366. Wells Hollow Landscaping – Check Availability
  367. Wellspring Landscape Services – Check Availability
  368. Yankee Hill Landscaping – Check Availability
  369. Yellow Jacket Landscaping – Check Availability
  370. Young’s Landscape Management – Check Availability
  371. Outback Landscape – Check Availability
  372. Outside Limited – Check Availability
  373. Palmer’s Lawn Care – Check Availability
  374. Paragon Landscaping – Check Availability
  375. Patricks Landscaping – Check Availability
  376. Perfect T Landscaping – Check Availability
  377. Pioneer Seasonal Services – Check Availability
  378. Pratts Landscaping – Check Availability
  379. Purchase Green Artificial Grass – Check Availability
  380. Ramsey Unlimited – Check Availability
  381. Ratliff Lawn Care – Check Availability
  382. RC Artificial Grass – Check Availability
  383. Rye Beach Landscaping – Check Availability
  384. Site One Landscape Supply – Check Availability
  385. Solid Ground Landscaping – Check Availability
  386. Southern Green Lawns – Check Availability
  387. Southern Shore Lawn – Check Availability
  388. Spring Lawn Company – Check Availability
  389. Stout Design Build – Check Availability
  390. Sunshine Lawn Care – Check Availability
  391. Supergreen Landscape – Check Availability
  392. Supreme Green Lawn & Landscape – Check Availability
  393. Top Quality Turf – Check Availability
  394. Ultra Green Lawn Service – Check Availability
  395. Unlimited Lawn Care – Check Availability
  396. Wardrip Landscaping – Check Availability
  397. Waterwise Landscape and Turf – Check Availability
  398. Weeds Garden & Interior Design – Check Availability
  399. Write Outdoor Solutions – Check Availability
  400. Yard Doctor’s Tree Service & Landscaping – Check Availability
  401. 2 Crazy Gardeners – Check Availability
  402. Bulldawgs Total Lawn Care – Check Availability
  403. Cutting Edge Services – Check Availability
  404. Diamond T Landscape – Check Availability
  405. Environscaping – Check Availability
  406. Genus Landscape – Check Availability
  407. Grasseaters – Check Availability
  408. Green Op – Check Availability
  409. Grizzly Turf – Check Availability
  410. Hybrid Lawns – Check Availability
  411. Lawn Impact – Check Availability
  412. Lawn Love Lawn Care – Check Availability
  413. Lawn Starter Lawn – Check Availability
  414. Lawnscapes – Check Availability
  415. Local Edge Lawn Care – Check Availability
  416. Low Cut Lawn Care – Check Availability
  417. Masterscapes – Check Availability
  418. One Putt Greens and Lawns – Check Availability
  419. Plantscape – Check Availability
  420. Princely Lawn Care – Check Availability
  421. Proscaping of Houston – Check Availability
  422. Queen Bee Lawn – Check Availability
  423. Terra Works Landscape – Check Availability
  424. Tropical View Care – Check Availability
  425. AAA Integrity Lawn Care – Check Availability
  426. AAA Landscape – Check Availability
  427. AC Yard Services – Check Availability
  428. Master AZscapes – Check Availability
  429. Mickey Hargitay Plants – Check Availability
  430. Mow Rake Sow – Check Availability
  431. Ninja Lawns – Check Availability
  432. One Man & Two Goats – Check Availability
  433. Proscape Turf – Check Availability
  434. Purple Care – Check Availability
  435. Push Lawn Care – Check Availability
  436. Quality Lawn Care – Check Availability
  437. R C Lawn Care – Check Availability
  438. Rosehill Gardens – Check Availability
  439. Royal Ace – Check Availability
  440. Complete Landscaping Systems – Check Availability
  441. Countryside Industries – Check Availability
  442. Custom Edges Lawn Care & Landscape Designs – Check Availability
  443. Custom Walls and Landscaping – Check Availability
  444. Denton Lawn Care – Check Availability
  445. Desert Classic Landscaping – Check Availability
  446. Dora Landscaping Company – Check Availability
  447. Duke City Lawn Care – Check Availability
  448. East Millcreek Lawn Care – Check Availability
  449. Empire Yard Maintenance – Check Availability
  450. Fine Lines Landscaping – Check Availability
  451. Forest Green Lawn and Landscaping – Check Availability
  452. Four Seasons Lawn Care – Check Availability
  453. Green Grove Landscaping – Check Availability
  454. Green Harvest Lawn Care – Check Availability
  455. Greengate Turf Management – Check Availability
  456. Greenview Landscaping – Check Availability
  457. Guardian Lawn Care – Check Availability
  458. Hawkeye Landscaping – Check Availability
  459. High Voltage Builders – Check Availability
  460. Hill Country Landscaping – Check Availability
  461. Impressions Landscape and Pools – Check Availability
  462. Johnson Lawn and Landscape – Check Availability
  463. Lakewood Landscaping – Check Availability
  464. Landscape Associates – Check Availability
  465. Lawn Care & Irrigation Systems – Check Availability
  466. Legendary Landscapes – Check Availability
  467. Lovelace Lawn Care – Check Availability
  468. Davis Landscape Company – Check Availability
  469. Delta Pest Control & Lawn Service – Check Availability
  470. Dependable Lawn Care – Check Availability
  471. Desert Paradise Lawn & Maintenance – Check Availability
  472. Earthworks Landscaping – Check Availability
  473. Evergreen Lawn and Plant Care – Check Availability
  474. First Choice Yard Care – Check Availability
  475. Foothills Landscape Maintenance – Check Availability
  476. Forevergreen Landscape & Maintenance – Check Availability
  477. Garden Tree Landscaping – Check Availability
  478. Grass Guy Lawn Services – Check Availability
  479. Green Earth Landscapes – Check Availability
  480. Green Touch Tree and Landscaping Services – Check Availability
  481. Greenridge Landscape – Check Availability
  482. Gregory Davis & Associates – Check Availability
  483. Guardian Pest Control – Check Availability
  484. Masterson’s Lawn Care – Check Availability
  485. Monarch Landscaping & Construction – Check Availability
  486. Affordable Lawn Care & Landscape – Check Availability
  487. Affordable Lawn Maintenance – Check Availability
  488. All American Pro Lawns – Check Availability
  489. Allgood Outdoors – Check Availability
  490. Aquatic Gardens & Landscaping – Check Availability
  491. Beus Landscape – Check Availability
  492. Complete Lawncare & Tree Service – Check Availability
  493. Complete Turf and Landscape – Check Availability
  494. Conway Lawn and Landscape – Check Availability
  495. Creative Habitats Landscaping – Check Availability
  496. Custom Edges Lawn and Landscaping – Check Availability
  497. All American Turf Beauty – Check Availability
  498. Alamo Lawns – Check Availability
  499. Perez Landscaping – Check Availability
  500. Grizzly Turf – Check Availability

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding a Catchy Landscaping Business Name Ideas

garden-flower and water landscaping

Now it’s quite possible that none of these names inspire you. Or maybe you like a few names but all of them are booked.

What should one do then, especially when that make-or-break meeting with potential investors is getting nearer and nearer?

The answer is – use our Free Business Name Generator tool to get a bucketful of cool landscaping business ideas.

Yup, that’s right. Our tool not only lets you check domain and social profile availability but also generates ‘brandable’ business names. To get new business name ideas, all you have to do is enter the words appropriate to your landscaping business.

We’ll show you exactly how to use our tool to find a great name for your brand. However, first, let’s look at some landscaping business-specific keywords to use to generate more name ideas.

Landscaping Business Related Keywords to Start Brainstorming Your Business Name Today

Here are some keywords you can use in our name generator software to start brainstorming for your ideal landscaping business name:

  • Green
  • Lawn
  • Lawn Care
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Landscape
  • Landscaping
  • Landscape Maintenance
  • Eco
  • Jungle
  • Turf
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Greenways
  • Garden

How to Come Up With a Memorable Landscaping Business Name

Follow this simple four-step process to craft a suitable name for your landscaping business. In this example, we’re creating a landscaping business brand name that conveys professional, natural, and environment-friendly services.

Here are the four steps we took to come up with these landscaping business names.

Step #1 – Brainstorm name ideas

The first step is to identify words that could nicely fit into your landscaping business names. In addition to words related to the landscaping business, you can use words that suggest your services are reliable, ecological, and environmentally-friendly.  At this point, your goal is to come up with a list of brand names that suitably define your landscaping business.

Can’t decide which words to use? Try our Free Business Name Generator.

We used words such as “Eco”, “Green”, “Lawn”, and “Landscaping” to create a list of business name ideas. We came up with these 18 names after brainstorming:

  1. Precision Landscaping
  2. Lawn Miracles
  3. Lighted Landscaping
  4. Landscape Love
  5. Lawn Fairy
  6. Lovely Landscaping
  7. Greenology
  8. Lawn Love
  9. Green Machines
  10. GreenLands Landscaping
  11. Above All Lawn Care
  12. Professional Lawn Care
  13. All Pro Lawn Care
  14. Ecolands
  15. GreenSpace
  16. GrassGoneWild
  17. Green Love
  18. Greenden

Step #2 – Prune Down Your List

Once your initial list of landscaping business names is ready, go through it carefully to weed out names that are hard to speak loud, spell, or remember. Keep brand names that communicate your service’s USP or brand values and are brandable, memorable, and catchy. The aim of this step is to shorten your list to three to six potential brand names.

You can use this short checklist to trim down your initial list.

  • Is the brand name easy to remember?
  • Does the name aptly convey your brand values or best feature?
  • Is the brand name easy to say aloud?
  • Does the name use clichés or overused words?
  • Is the brand name unique?

After we ran our initial list through the above checklist, we were able to trim it down to the following four landscaping business name ideas:

  1. Grass Gone Wild
  2. Greenden
  3. Lands
  4. Precision Landscaping

Step #3 – Seek Feedback

Have you identified your target audience? Good. Reach out to them for feedback. If it’s not possible to connect with your target audience, seek feedback from people working in your industry.

Remember: Be clear about what you want to ask. Otherwise, you may only receive vague answers, which won’t help you much in your quest to find the perfect brand name.

Some questions you may want to ask your audience are:

  • What is the first thing that springs to mind when you hear the name?
  • Is the name easy to remember?

Based on the feedback you receive you can decide which of the shortlisted names are still relevant and aptly represent your landscaping business.

Here’s the feedback that we received.

GrassGoneWild – It conjures up an image of a professional and specialized landscaping service. Plus, the name is catchy and memorable.

Greenden – This brand name gives an impression of a specialized and reliable service and is short and sweet.

Ecolands – This name conveys eco-friendly and professional landscaping services. Also, it is simple and easy to remember.

Precision Landscaping – This name gives assurance that an experienced team of professional landscapers will provide complete lawn care.

Step #4 – Check for Domain and Social Profile Availability

This is the last and the most important step. Ideally, you would like to have at least three landscaping business names with you in case any of the shortlisted names are already booked.

Run your list of selected brand names through our Business Name Search tool to check for domain and social profile availability.

If they are available, don’t waste time in registering and hosting your business. Our Name Generator tool will get you the best possible rates from some of the top-ranking hosting services and let you download an awesome bonus bundle free of cost!


Business Name Ideas Domain Names How To Guides Resources

500 Craft Business Name Ideas & Availability Checker

500 Craft Business Name Ideas & Availability Checker

If you are looking to start a craft company you may be looking for craft business name ideas– we have you covered this article with 500 business name ideas and our free availability checker and generator.

You probably already know that arts and crafts make up only a subset of the $30 billion craft and hobby industry in the US alone. These include businesses engaged in the design, creation, distribution and sales of products. A sizable chunk of the growing small business community in the United States is focused on craft-making and trade.

If you are the artistic, creative type looking to start your own business, chances are you have considered going into arts and crafts. The craft business is widely appealing for its start-up costs are low and production can happen right at home.

While other more established craft businesses may operate out of “brick-and-mortar” locations for their production and sales, a steadily increasing number of craft business owners are basing their operations online. Craft suppliers and producers, more and more, are choosing to utilize social media to market their businesses and attract new customers.

With the billions of people online, you need to stay meaningful, relevant, and keep positioning yourself (or your business) in the “cut above the rest” coordinates. They say people of today are extremely preoccupied and have shorter attention spans. What with the worldwide web always bustling with activity. If you are basing your new craft business online, then you know that you need to stand out right at the outset.

We went on ahead and drew up a list of 500 craft business name ideas for you.

500 Craft Business Name Ideas

If you like any of the craft business names below, feel free to use them. Just make sure to check the domain and social profiles are available using our free availability checker.

The great thing is if the exact name isn’t available our name generator will instantly give you a bunch of related ideas.

All About CraftsAll the Right StuffArt Guru
Artisanal CraftsArt AttackArt Metier
Artistic HandsArt SmartArt Shack
Artsy Craftsy Co.Artisan UnlimitedArtifice Shop
BasketworksArtisan ValleyArts on Fire
Beads and BaublesArtium EmporiumBeadworld
Bob’s BatikBlossoms FactoryBelle en Rose Boutique
Charming Chic CraftsBows and Bells Brighter Spaces
Couture Etc.Care CraftersClever Crafts
Craft BuildersCraft CottageCloud Nine Crafts
Craft CornerCraft DreamsColor Wheel
Craft DesignsCraft WarehouseCraft Buddies
Craft SpecialistsCraftBarn Co.Craft Coliseum
CraftArtCrafts CentralCraft Cupid
Crafted with CareCrafts for AllCraft Market
Crafts PlusCrafty BuddyCraft Mates
Crafts UnlimitedCrafty CreationsCraft Valley
Crafty CrewCreative DesignsCrafted Cradles
Crafty CrochetCreative LabsCraftGo
Create CornerCreative ObjectiveCrafts Etc.
Creation CaféCreative PeopleCrafty Angels
Creations UnlimitedDazzling DIYCreative Crochets
Decoupage DreamsDreamy DesignsCustom Engravers
Designs UnlimitedFretwork CentralDown Home Crafts
DIY CentralHandicraft HeroesFinesse Crafts
DIY DesignsHandpainters AnonymousHouse of Handmade
EtchworksHappy Home DécorHouse of Themes
Fast CraftHeartstringsIn the Fine Print
Fields of Gold Craft Co.House of HobbiesPapier Mache Plus
Flower Power CraftsJar Crafts Co.Quilts Unlimited
Fretwork UnlimitedKiddie KraftsRomantic Art
Handcrafted with LoveL’ artisanatRoses n Rainbows
Handmade HeavenMacrame MastersRustic Chic Boutique
Homemade HobbiesMy HandiworkScratch n Smell
House of CraftNeedlepoint CaféSew and Tell
Ideas UnlimitedPaint PlusSilk Screen
Kids CraftPink PoniesSoldiers of Silkscreen
Masters of MacramePretty in PinkThe Art Lab
My Own DesignsQuilted HeavenThe Craft Ingenue
Nimble ThimbleRibbons by YourNameThe Craft Raft
Paint PowerSewing KittyThe Imagination Army
Rustic CharmsSimply CeramicsThe Motley Crew
Shabby Chic Crafts Co.Sugar n SpiceThe Travelling Craftsman
Steady HandsThe Craft BasketThink Pink
Sweet TraditionsThe DIY EntrepreneurTiny Touches
The ArtificerThe Lace PlaceTiny Trinkets
The CraftswomanThe Love ShackUnicorn Stables
The HobbyistThe Raspberry BeretWeaving Hands
The Treasure ChestThe Stellar CellarWicked Wicker
Timeless TraditionsThe Unique GeekYourName’s WickerWorks
Check If These Craft Names Are Available Here


A Needle Pulling ThreadA Pinch of PrettyAesthetically Yours
All that GlittersArt Etc.All About Glitter
And Everything Nice Craft StoreBead WinnerArm Candy
Art HiveBeaded DreamsArtisan Central
Be Like BreeBeautiful BraidsAvant Garde Designs
Bee CreativesBefore and After DesignsBaubles and Bows
Blessed HandsCandlestick CraftsCamp Craft
Blue HuesCeramic StylersChestnut Crafts
Butterfly WingsChristmas CraftsContemporary Crafts
Cat in the Hat CraftsCoffee Cart CraftsCrafty Devices
Coffee with CraftColor Me CutieCrimson Creations
Color BlastCraft CartCustom Candy
Country Chic CraftsCraft MastersDesign Medley
Craft CowboyCruisin’ for CraftDesigner Soap
Craft MadnessDainty DelightsDIY Pantry
Crafters GuildEmoji FactoryDrawing Room
Crafty FashionGet Your Glue OnDreamy Delights
Eye for Detail Craft DesignsGold Dust Craft DesignsFolksy Stuff
Fairy Dust CraftersHappy People CraftsFreehand Society
Firefly DesignsHome Craft DesignsFrom Life Craft Designs
Glitter n GlueHoney Bear DesignsGem Creatives
Golden SunsetsHugs and KissesGifts of Love
Handmaidens of ArtInfinite DesignsHobby House
Happy TuesdayMahogany Box DesignsHoliday Crafts
Holly’s HandcraftsMoon and StarsHomespun Crafts
Ingenuity InfinityMoonbeams Craft StoreHot Crafts Co.
Kitchen CraftsMostly MosaicHouse of Abstract
Lil Hands Craft ShopNursery Rhymes DesignsInspired Creations
Macrame MaidenPetals n Twigs Craft DesignsMerchant of Charm
My Art MarketPink n Blue CraftsMonochrome Mornings
Nursery CraftsPotpourri PotPersonalize It
Paper DollsPrecision CraftsPrecious Memories
Patterns PlusProject: CraftSeeds of Inspiration
Patty’s ProjectsQuality QuiltsStyle Magic
Pot of Gold Craft HouseSilver Bells Crafts and DesignsSummer Style Designs
Precious Hands Crafts BoutiqueSkill WorksTapestry Town
Puss in Boots DesignsSoft Touch Craft DesignsThe Craft Lounge
Quilted GallerySomething About Mary DesignsThe Pastry Box
Rainmakers Craft HouseSouvenir StoreThe Soapbox
Shooting Stars Craft HouseStylish TrendsThe Valentine Shop
Symmetry Craft HouseSunny Skies DesignsThe World of Creation
The Art HouseSunshine CraftsTime for Tapestry
The Crafting CherubSweetheart DesignsTools for Trinkets
The House of UpcycleTeam TrendsetterTrinket Treasures
The Love BasketThe DIY DeckTruly Trinkets
Violets are Blue The Stock RoomTrusty Timepieces
Visual Imagery DesignsThe Sweet ShoppeTrusty Trinkets
Vivid CraftsUnique TrendsWeaveWorks
Window to Your SoulYour Pattern PartnersWoven Dreams
Woodcrafters UnlimitedYourName’s ImaginationXOXO Craft Creations
Check If These Craft Names Are Available Here
3D CreativesAmerican HandicraftsArt Mobile
Aqua ConceptsArtisan AssemblyBeads, Bows, and Beyond
Art CentralBless These HandsBeauty and the Beads
Art MagicBlown Glass Craft Co.Been There Craft Designs
Artful ArrangementsBottlecap ArtBright Beads
Artful CornerCabin of CraftsCarpet Creations
At the Cusp of GeniusCalligraphy CrazeCart o’ Crafts
Awesome ArticlesCan-Do CarpentersCozy Cabinets
Baby’s BaublesCollectors’ CoveCozy Crafts
Best CraftsCraft Bowls PlusCraft Cabin
Best InterestsCraft ClubCraft Craze
Burnt SpicesCraft StudiumCraft Space
Cameo CraftsCraft Supplies Co.Crazy Crochet
Care DesignsCraft-to-GoCreate-A-Craft
Carrot CrunchesCrafty DesignsCreativity Central
Cookie Cutter CraftsCrazy CraftsCrochet Corner
Craft RouletteCreatures of HabitCuddle Classics Pillows
Crafty CometCrochet CircusDaringly DIY
Creative CreaturesCrochet MamaDoctor DIY
Creative JuicesDabble DesignsDown Home Crafts
Creative SpaceDesign OriginaleDreamweavers
Dinnerware DesignsDoll HouseEasy Peasy
Glue MagicFashion FramersFine Glass
Hello CraftsFinesse FabricsGet Crafty
Homemade StylesGlass DesignsGlass House
Hundredfold Craft DesignsHandcraft MastersGot Craft
Kaleidoscope CraftsIn Scientia ArtisHome of Handcraft
Keepsakes UnlimitedIngenuity OverloadImagination Station
Mama’s ChoiceInterior SpecialistsKnitted Neatly
Mix it Up Crafts HouseL’ hobby ShoppeKnitty Gritty
Oliver’s TwistLe Arte Craft HouseManual Dexterity
Opulent DreamsMagnetic MiniaturesMasterful Molds
Over Here Craft HouseMint ConditionMr. Toymaker
Papercraft GaloreMinute CraftsNorth American Crafters
Pottery LotteryMotherly MoldsPaint Yo Pottery
Quiet TenacityNeat KnitsPeppermill Pals
Roomful of CraftsOceansice CraftsmenPersonalized Wearables
Same Wavelength CraftsPanoramic PiecesPrecious Keepsakes
Savvy SewersPink PotpourriRomantic Gestures
Scenic ShopPot MasonSculpted Dreams
Sharp SelectionsShy InventivenessSkill Mill
Sketch Pad TechniquesSucculent ShapesSouthern Crafts
Space Savers Craft Co.The Grazing TableStitches and Turns
Table MannersTimeless KeepsakesStrong Suit
Tablescape DesignsTip Top TemplatesSubtle Sketches 
The Clever ClusterWeave MastersSubtly Sewn
The House of IngeniousWorktable WearablesSweet Knits
The Measuring TapeYourName & Sons BlacksmithingTapestry Trips
Wonderful WearablesYourName & Sons WoodcarversWeaver Creek
YourName DesignsYourName’s WeaveworksYour Home
Check If These Craft Names Are Available Here
Baby Crafts
Beach Bum Crafts
Bead Box
Beads and Beyond
Bells and Whistles
Bunch o’ Crafts
Captain Crafts
Castle of Crafts
Checkerboard Crafts
Cleverly Crafted
Cookies and Crafts
Craft Adventures
Craft Bank
Craft Farm
Craft Jungle
Craft Street
Craft Supply Ltd.
Craft Tales
Crafted Delights
Crates of Craft
Critters of Craft
Dare to DIY
DIY Up North
Dream Catchers
Dream Street Craft Designs
Check If These Craft Names Are Available Here
Especially For You
Five Star Crafting
Gold Star Crafts Co.
Homestyle Crafts
House of Wicker
Keepsake Profesionals
Kids’ Keepsakes
King of Crafts
Krafty Kittens
Kris Kringle Krafts
Moonshine Crafts
Nicely Knitted
Passionate Paints
Pepper & Me Crafts Co.
Pink Machine
Puppet Masters
Rug Rascals
The Barn Yarn
The Craft Doctor
The Puppet Maker
The Starshine Project
The Yarn Barn
Tritik Town
Wicker Street
Woven Magic
Check If These Craft Names Are Available Here

How to Name Your Craft Business

An effective business name is not only catchy and quick to mind, but more importantly captures the essence of your brand. It can likewise serve as a constant reminder for you, your partners or employees about what you stand for and why you do what you do.

A determined entrepreneur who absolutely loves crafts can easily draw inspiration for coming up with a great craft business name. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Your own name. When you use your own name, automatically, your craft business name is original. Putting your name as the brand for your craft designs convey that you definitely stand behind the quality of your products.

What you stand for. Focus on creating names that appeal to what customers would value. Use words such as creation, handmade, custom, classic, etc. A business name that “talks” to your customer and lets them know what you have to offer is a great way to make your craft business appear trustworthy, relevant, and stand out with added value. I’ve taken a special liking to the word “homespun”, so if I were to start a craft business, I’d likely call it Homespun Crafts.

Use rhythm or alliteration. Business names that roll off the tongue easily are quickly recalled and are highly brand-able. As examples, you could name your craft business: Crafty Creations, Dreamy Designs, or Handmade Heaven.

Check out the competition. Analyze and try to understand your competitor’s business name and how it works for them. See how you can apply the same techniques in your own craft business’ name. Some of the top craft businesses are People Tree, Coralie Reiter, and Twin Cities Quilting. Read up and find out how such names impact the market.

Naming Your Art Business

You are so ready to launch your new Crafts Business! You are itching to publish that first social media post advertising your array of handcrafted designs. The only thing missing is your craft business’ catchy name to draw your target customers’ attention. Thinking about what to name your business is, in fact, one of the funniest parts of opening up your own enterprise.

Besides coming up with an inspired name for your craft business, there are simple tips you should think about as you channel your inner inspirations. Below are other expert entrepreneurs’ recommendations to keep top-of-mind as you brainstorm your way to your perfect craft business name.

Short and sweet. There are countless words in the dictionary that are amazing in their simplicity alone. Short words are easily remembered, simply put. That the word (or words) holds a special relevance to your craft business is what makes it more meaningful than any complicated, technical word can ever do. “Think Pink” can be a great name for a craft business, especially if your personal love for the color shows in the dainty pastel trinkets that you create.

Easy to spell. Apart from being easily remembered, you would love for our customers to easily find it on the web, should your craft business also have an online presence. The last thing you want is for your potential customers to mis-type even just one letter and find their way into a whole other website. “Kids Craft” is simple and direct, even kids can spell it.

Translates well. If you go with a foreign-sounding word, do a quick check on Google to see if your name choice does not have a contrasting meaning in any other language.

Read up on the meaning. There are some words out there that may sound “pretty”, yet is a little negative, by definition. Take the word “ephemeral” – though it may sound surreal or magical… it actually means “lasts for a very short time.” No, you wouldn’t want that for your craft business name.

No rude words, please. Thank you. Any new business owner these days knows that a storefront is not enough: a web address is just as important (if not more) than a brick-and-mortar shop. And so, securing a domain name for your business’ website is one of the earliest steps you should take in starting a business. Make sure your craft business name, when put together as a URL, will not spell any rude or negative words. When you start your online search for domain names available for registration, take a look at how your business name will look when strung all together in a URL.

Who else is using it? A lot of businesses are named using common phrases. That takes care of the “easy to recall” part, after all. However, it just may be “too easy”, too. So if someone types up the phrase on Google, search results may show the more common associations before your business name comes up on the list of results. Let’s say your crafts DIY business is tied up to your DIY tutorial blog (which also serves as your marketing page), instead of naming it “Show and Tell” (as this will surely yield top search results that are un-related to your business), perhaps you can modify it to “Sew and Tell”. But yes, do check if someone has beat you to that name, too.

Checking for Availability of your Craft Business’ Name

When I started out my own micro-business of homespun baked goods, the first thing I did was to type up the name I wanted on Google, and then on Facebook. I wanted to check if there are existing businesses already with that name. Doing so not only lets you check out the competition, this can also refine your business name idea further before you register it as a domain name on the worldwide web.

The first place you can go to find out about the availability of your craft business name as a domain name is with our FREE Naming Generator. This tool will allow you to quickly search the availability of your preferred domain name. If the craft business name you want is available for registration, the tool will assist you in quickly securing that domain at the best possible price from some of the leading providers in the industry. And in case your domain name idea is no longer available to register, our naming generator tool will offer free domain name suggestions, using your own ideas and other keywords you may think of. More than that, the tool will link you to great leads for domain registrars and web hosting providers, too. 

Business Name Seed Words: Crafts

Try any of the words in our business name generator below to start brainstorming for your craft business name.

Plug any combination of these craft related business words into our business name generator

Earlier, we talked a little bit about value-add words and how these can be effective in naming your craft business. This is where our FREE Naming Generator tool will come in absolutely handy. Aside from the tool allowing you a quick search of domain names available for registration, you can easily plug in your keywords or name ideas and the tool will do the work of coming up with craft business name suggestions or alternatives. To start you off, below is a list of industry-related keywords you can plug in to the free Naming Generator for excellent craft business name ideas.

The craft industry is a whole universe of products and designs that are hand-made by artisans and skilled hands. From art galleries to handmade textiles to quaint desserts… small businesses are emerging world-wide, sometimes from out of the home and with locally-sourced supplies. Community support plays a big role in the thriving of the craft industry. And the quickest (not to mention, the fastest) gateway to the community is the internet.

You want your craft business to start off on the right foot, and a perfect business name is one of the keys to success. Your craft business’ name can truly set the tone for your entire venture. Choosing the right name for your art business might be simpler than you think, though. We hope that the tips we shared with you have been helpful in inspiring you and sparking up those business name ideas.


Domain Names How To Guides

How to Find the Best Domain Name for Your Business

Domain names, just like our names, are crucial in setting a positive first impression on prospects and clients, more so in establishing a business’s online presence. That’s why if you are starting a company website, one of the first things you need to do is find the most fitting domain name.

So, we beg to ask: How do I find the best domain name for my business?  Well, there is no hard and fast rule when it comes to choosing a domain name. But for any entrepreneur to find the best domain name for a brand or company, you must start with your business name. The best business domain names are brandable, memorable, and short.

But, often, selecting a brandable and easy-to-remember domain name may not be enough. You must choose a domain well because this can help your site’s traffic and promote a favorable branding identity.

Want to see how a truly brandable and memorable business domain looks like? Read the rest of the article for five tips and best practices when selecting the most suitable domain name for your business.

How Do You Find the Best Business Domain Name?

1. Start With Your Business Name

First off, consider using your business or company name as your domain name. Remember, a key rule in business branding is maintaining consistency. When your customers see the same company name and website name used, they are more likely able to remember it.


Doing so also aligns with another domain selection rule. And that is keeping your domain name short. For example, if your company name is The Good Furniture Company, Inc., just using as your domain name will suffice.


Think of the most famous business websites in the world today. All of them typically use the same domain name as their official company name. Do that for your business too.


But, if your business name is too generic, or if someone else has taken your chosen domain name, you need to be more creative in finding a business website URL. One tool that can help you is a website name generator tool. Our free tool allows you to search for different potential website domain names that match your preferences.

Naming Generator Domain Search Image

2. Add Keywords Related to Your Business

Another domain selection best practice is incorporating keywords that are related to your business industry or niche. Pick domain names that readily tell a customer what the site is for.

For instance, if you have a cleaning business, adding the words clean, neat, service, or tidy can work wonders in letting a customer know what your website is all about.

Remember, when selecting keywords to incorporate into your domain name, you must still keep in mind if the keyword adds creativity to your brand and whether or not it makes your brand more memorable. Don’t add a related keyword just for the sake of adding it.

Before fully committing to a domain name, always check how the keywords work with your chosen website name by plugging in the domain to our Naming Generator. This way, you will see how the new name works with different top-level domains.

3. Branding Before Naming

The next essential step when picking a suitable domain name for your business is to ensure that you have established (or plan to establish) a remarkable business brand first.

Remember: A brand name is more than just a name. It’s an image. Look for a brand name that can help your company cultivate a positive image and unique identity that your customers will happily associate with your business.

And once you have created a trusted brand name and have established this name as your website domain name, your business will have a smoother online transition. In the same vein, your customers will find your website more reliable.

4. Keep it Original and Typo-Free

Typos are major turn-offs. Spelling errors in a domain name not only shows incompetence, but they could also lead to a potential loss in traffic. That is why you must carefully check if your chosen business domain name for typographic errors, grammar lapses, and originality.

A good domain name for any business should not copy other existing business’s brand names or website addresses. Also, avoid closely related domain name spellings or puns as they can make your business appear unprofessional.

Conduct market and competitor research before using a domain name. Some businesses or organizations may not use a particular phrase or word as their website domain names, but they may already own the copyright or trademark for that phrase or word. Avoid any legal mishaps and always do your research first.

To check for available domain names, use free tools like the Naming Generator.

5. Decide If You Need to Purchase Other TLDs

For some business owners who want to set up their official websites, the best domain name is not one but also all the other matching names in different top-level domains. The main reason behind this is to ensure that all traffic from searches using other TLDs are redirected to the official company website.

Owning all the other TLDs (especially the .net, .org, and .biz ones) is a great strategy, especially if you want to avoid confusion and potential domain hijacking. All the other big companies like Microsoft, Apple, and Google are doing this.

Also, by redirecting all traffic to one business website allows you to control and present unified information to your customers.

Try out the free Naming Generator tool and see all the other available top-level domain names that you can use for your business website.

Bonus Tip: You can also purchase misspelled versions of your business’s domain name. Doing so allows you to capture all relevant traffic back to your official website. It’s a win-win.

Apply all the best practice tips shared above and you are now ready to choose the most suitable domain name for your business. Don’t forget to use our free Domain Name Generator and grab the domain name of your choice right away!

What if my business name is already taken as a domain name?

According to VeriSign, as of Q1 of 2020, there are 366.8 million registered domain names globally – a 4.2% yearly increase. It is highly likely that your preferred domain name may already be taken. That’s why a good workaround when it comes to coming up with business domain names is to think of the following criteria when picking out a domain name:

  1. What variations of my business or brand name can I use instead?
  2. Is it brandable?
  3. Is it unique?
  4. Is it short?
  5. Can it be easily remembered?

Ask yourself these questions and, hopefully, you will come up with a more fitting domain name for your brand.

Is it necessary to incorporate exact match keywords when choosing a business domain name?

No. It is best to choose a more brandable or unique domain name with few relevant keyword references instead. Over the past years, Google algorithm updates have penalized websites that used exact match domains.

If you want to read more about finding a matching your domain name and business name, read this article.

Do I need to use a geographic domain extension for my business?

No, geographic domain extension names are not necessary for businesses. However, they can help if you want to narrow down and target customers or clients coming from or searching for a specific location.

For example, if you want to open an eCommerce store that operates in the United Kingdom only, it is best to choose a geographic domain extension instead of a regular .com top-level domain.

Related Questions

What do you really mean by a brandable domain name?

 A brandable business domain name means that your domain name or URL stands out, and customers can easily associate your domain name with your business campaign, company name, product, or service.

What is the optimal length of a domain name?

The optimal domain name length is between two (2) to three (3) words or about seven (7) to fourteen (14) characters or letters. Avoid adding hyphens, numerals, and consecutive letters as they can make your business domain name appear unprofessional.

What is the best domain name extension or top-level domain (TLD) for a business?

It is best for businesses to pick a .com top-level domain name or domain name ending. .com domains are more common and often regarded as more trustworthy.